My RP character:

Name: Richard Tyden, Former Captain of the Queen's Guard

Race: Human

Age: 96, but has been blessed with long life from a witch he saved from a pack of bandits.

Appearance: Standing about six feet tall, about 180 pounds of lean muscle, looks weathered and tired most of the time.

Weapons: Richard Tyden has been through four of the Great Wars, and has learned to use nearly every weapon in existence, but he favors a shortsword at his waist, and gauntlets that he uses for deflecting weapons and for striking.

Personality: Slightly introverted, Richard has a strong sense of justice and will stand up for the weak, yet does not get involved in much else.

Story: Captain Richard Tyden, proclaimed war hero and the highest ranking knight in the kingdom, was on a journey with his men, when, during the night, they stabbed him and left him for dead. The Captain survived, and attempted to return to the kingdom for answers, but was denied entry, the guards saying that no Richard Tyden had ever been a knight, much less a Captain. Now Richard looks for the reason he was betrayed, and ultimately, for revenge.