It's only been about ten hours since you've gone, but already it's felt like an eternity. My soul feels bogged down and my heart in throes of woe. Each time I think about how long it'll be until I can kiss you again, my chest tightens up painfully. Now my eyes are watering, for ******** sake. Look at what a sappy mess you've turned me into. Now that I know what it's like being so intimate with you, physically and emotionally, I feel incomplete without you. When did just walking down the street, holding your hand, become the best thing I could ever possibly do? Why does the bright blue shade your eyes linger in my mind, luminescent and sparkling as jewels? I could not tear myself away from them; hungrily I seeked them, captivated by whatever I saw beyond them, by that beautiful, beautiful colour. In my head the words "I love you" cycle over and over again, without pause, each more heartfelt then the last, yet I hesitate in saying it aloud. What if I'm wrong? What if this is just a strong infatuation? Those doubts have me pausing. I'm scared I'll lose grip on something so precious, and it'll flit away... and yet, I can't envision myself not feeling so utterly serene and wholesome in your arms. God I love you. I know I do. You love me too, I know it. I love you. Why do you have to be so far from me...?