Gaiaversary Quest
I thought it might be fun to quest all the MC items that came out the year I joined, now that I've reached a point where I'm pretty happy with my inventory and there isn't anything super pressing on my wants list.

current quest:

List of items:

Emo Bag
Chain Wallet

ZONY MP3 Player
ZONY Discman

Fuzzy Penguin Slippers
Baby Seal Slippers

hammi hat thanks Mrs S
bammi hat thanks Mrs S

Bear Pajamas
Monkey Pajamas

Angelic Pendant
Horns of the Demon

Steel-plated Ninja Band
Kitsune Mask

golden laurels
winged anklets

Goti Clips
Bani Clips

Demonic Pitchfork
Staff of the Angels

Ice Gauntlet thanks Mrs S

Fire Gauntlet thanks Mrs S