General Information

Name: Vixen M. Rijk
xxxxNicknames: Vix, Vixxie, Vi
Age: Ninteen
xxxxBirthday: January 29th
Gender: Female
xxxxOrientation: Straight
Country of Origin: Russia
xxxxRace: Human

Physical Appearance
*These are not my references, I take no credit for them. They are only to give a feel for what the character is to look like*
( Realistic Physical Appearance - General )

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115lbs.
Skin tone: Pale
xxxxNotable Marks: None
Hair Color: Reddish brown; see photo reference
xxxxHairstyle: A ponytail with peices hanging in her face (feel free to ignore the bow, it's just part of the hairstyle sketch), or straight and long. Reference : ( Ponytail - 6 Long - 1 )
Eye Color: Violet - brown
xxxxReference: ( Click )


Top: Her very favorite yellow plaid flannel shirt. It is alway unbuttoned, no matter how cold it is. Beneath the bright yellow exterior, she wears a deep purple tanktop that - from time to time - exposes her midriff.
xxxxReferences: ( The Shirt Color ) ( The Tank Top Color )
Bottoms: Vixen usually wears a pair of grey skinny jeans with a loose black belt. They fit her well, not too baggy, and hug her properly at her hips. They are tucked into a pair of black boots, sensible ones that are easy to get around in.
xxxxReferences: ( The Jeans Color ) ( The Boots & Belt Color )
Peircings: Only a few, both of her ears are pierced twice, and her right ear as a hoop through the cartilage - near the top exterior of the ear.
xxxxTattoos: Only one of five small black birds on her back, just below her left shoulder.


General Personality:
xxxx To say that Vixen has trust issues would be putting it lightly. She has issues with people in general, when it comes down to being blunt about it. The problems she has with people probably have something to do with her childhood, but all discussion of her past has evaporated over the past year and a half since her adoptive mother passed away. Since then, she has grown quiet and cold, isolating herself from those that she does not know very well. Well, emotionally isolating herself. She actually finds strange new people to be quite interesting and entertaining.
xxxxEven in her youth, Vixen was strongly opposed to anything girly. Her mother, who had dreamed of adopting the perfect daughter all of her life, ended up with a rebellious child who screamed in protest whenever she was forced to dress nicely. This hatred of nice clothing - particularly skirts and dresses - carried through her childhood and into her life as a young adult. To this day, she still carries that bit of resentment feep inside of her.
xxxxVixen is particularly defensive. After her mother's passing, she's become an orphan for the second time. This isn't to say that she's not used to being on her own. Now a 'legal' adult, according to the law in the United States, she's pretty much on her own, but she's been working a typical after school job in order to make enough money to pay for college. She's an extremely independent spirit, and that independence is usually accompanied by her overall cockiness and persistance. She generally just like's to be right, and she's pleased by being told that she's right. She finds pleasure in very simple things.
xxxxThough she may be easily entertained, she is not easily swayed. Once she has a plan, she has a plan. There is no changing her mind about it in any way shape or form. She is decidedly set on what she wants to do when she wants to do it. Anyone that gets in her way or tries to stop her from doing what she wants to do is sure to get an earful. She's not afraid to cuss anyone out.
Cold weather, Her flannel shirt, The snow, A cup of tea or coffee, A good book, Being right most of the time, Proving people wrong, Drinking, Carrying around her little leather bound notebook, Observing people, Some animals - depending on what they are, and Keeping to herself.
Being irritated - particularly when she's in the middle of reading or writing, Hot weather, Overly talkative people, Feeling sick, Being around sick people or needles, Loud music, Most bugs, and when her tea gets cold.
Fears: Large animals - elephants especially, Thunderstorms, Spiders, and swimming in water in which she cannot see the bottom.

May vary, depending on the roleplay.

xxxxVixen was born Anastasia Grace Rijk. She was born in Russia to her mother, who gave her up for adoption because she couldn't afford to keep her. The child was kept in an orphanage for only a few months until she was adopted by a young couple with fertility problems. She was taken back to the United States with her new Parents, Lillith and James Peterson. Her mother thought it would be best to allow her to keep her mother's last name, legally, but changed her name, prefering Vixin Marie to Anastasia Grace, for some unknown reason.
xxxxEarly on in their marraige, only a few years after adopting Vixon, James had an affair with a woman he'd been working with. It was drawn out for five months without Lillith or Vixen ever knowing about it, but once the truth came out, James was thrown out and the divorce papers were filed. Vixon never knew her biological father, and her adoptive one was hardly in her life, save a visit on Christmas or a present on her Birthday, along with the usual child support payments. Life was fine, though. Having a single mother was tough, but they got by.
xxxxHer schooling was normal, she grew up like any other normal kid. She worked a job starting at age sixteen which she continued until now. She took a year off after high school to collect a bit more money before going off to college in order to study English. In early December, however, Vixen's mother fell seriously ill. The infection she had caught caused her state to deterriorate rapidly and death came in a matter of weeks. Her death left Vixen completely alone.


Religion: Athiest
Political Standpoint: Mostly liberal
Siblings: None.
Relationship: Single

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