From the brilliancy of the golden fire
Stands a flower basking in the warmth of desire
The petals painted with fibers of air
Each stroke laced with immaculate care

Softness to the touch of the wandering hand
Glides along the silken strands
The beauty that lies beneath the skin
Releases fragrances held within

The aroma drifting along with the breeze
Each petal reaching for someone to please
An ingenious craft that shares the daylight
Then hides it’s beauty into the darkness of night

Could not it be, a woman in red?
Wrapping her arms around your head
Pulling you close to moisten your lips
Sliding her hand down to your hips

Yes, it could be that woman in red
The type of woman you wish to wed
Soft and warm as you begin to shake
The thoughts you receive resemble opaque

This woman has you under her spell
Night begins to fall as well
You change the theme and take control
But it’s too late, she has your soul.