Ariannona is a traveler. She greatly disliked being in one place for long until recently.Shortly before first entering the cafe she found a young bear, strange in its coloring and the fact that it had four arms along with its two back legs. She 'found' it in a cage in a circus caravan, it was a little shaken, mistreated and looked hungry. She has decided to stay in Barton at least until the bear is big and strong enough to accompany her further. She is very kind and usually enjoys others' company. If someone does her a wrong she is quick to forgive with a genuine apology ( genuine mind you, she's very good at telling the difference) but won't easily grant them the original amount of trust. Though she is soft spoken at first, once she deems someone to be a friend she enjoys a lot of conversation.
Name: Ariannona Miles (ARE- ee- uh- NO- nuh)
Appearance: About 4ft6, very long blond hair with a few braids and wrapped hairs, she likes to dangle charms and the like throughout her mess of her curls and deep smoky grey eyes, she is always dressed in layers of gauzy scarves with tank tops and flowing ankle-length skirts. She wears whatever jewelry doesn't sell and will gladly sell a piece she's wearing if a person shows interest in it.
Likes: Her bear Peachy; she babbles about him as one would their child, jewelry crafting; while on the road she makes jewelry to support herself, children; though she doesn't wish to settle in one place long enough to have her own
Dislikes: Confrontation
Secrets: She refuses to talk about where she is from or where she's been since