Chapter One

Beauxbatons, Pigfarts, and Hogwarts

Skylar Darlington sat on the end of her bed pondering her next big prank while her sister Claire slept on in the bed across the room. Skylar had been awake for a few hours thinking on the subject and realized that despite how much trouble she got in for her pranks she wasn't going to stop. Practical jokes were something that she loved to do and didn't understand why she should get into trouble for doing things she loved to do.

With a sigh she stood and looked over at her sister. Claire was identical to Skylar except for her eyes. They both had long brown hair, though Skylar's had a slight wave where Claire's was perfectly straight. They both had the same slender figure and suffered from the same shortness, being only four feet and six inches tall at eleven years old. Claire's eyes were a deep chocolate brown like their mother's and Skylar's were an emerald green like their father's.

"Clarire! Wake up!" Skylar called to her sister with a grin on her face. She knew that simply telling her sister to wake up would not work, but the delicious breakfast that was waiting for them downstairs would. She had smelled the familiar smell wafting up the stairs for several minutes now and her stomach was growling expectantly.

Claire rolled around in her bed, getting herself tangled up in her blanket beore faintly whispering "No." She didn't even open her eyes and was probably talking in her sleep as she often did.

After a moment of debating Skylar sighed, "Come on!" She said desperately. She had been awake for nearly two hours waiting for her twin to wake up. "You have to wake up! Mum's making waffles for breakfast!" It wasn't often that Mrs. Darlington would allow the kids to have the treat of waffles, and it was their favorite food.

Claire immediately jumped out of bed, fully dressed in blue jeans and a solid blue shirt. It was nothing new for the young girl to fall asleep in the clothes she had worn the day before. "WAFFLES!" she screamed while still half asleep and completely unaware that her hair was sticking up in all directions.

Skylar jumped back in surprise and mild fear for her life. Claire could be dangerous if you came between her and waffles and that danger only increased when she was half asleep. Claire had once given Skylar a bloody lip while she was asleep. "Calm down woman." She warned her twin sister with a small smirk at Claire's appearance. She could only imagine what Cliare would do if she knew that her hair was so messed up.

Claire grabbed her head as a wave of dizziness hit her and blinked at her sister who was now sitting on her own bed. The room around her became blurry as she tried to focus on her sister. "Skylar, girl, get out of bed." She said sternly, looking at the spot next to her sister, or rather the sister next to her sister as she was seeing double.

Skylar blinked and looked at the spot next to her, "I am out of bed." She said with a raised eyebrow.

Claire blinked at her as she tried to wake her mind up and get the doubles to go away. Once her dizziness had gone she shook her head lightly. "Then go get dressed." She mumbled as she started to walk towards the door. "Waffles don't wait long." She added walking into the hallway, squinting at the harsh sunlight coming through the windows.

Skylar looked down at her solid green shirts and dark wash blue jeans, "I am dressed." She said her eyebrow rising higher. Finally she just shrugged and follows her sister out of the room.

"Girls! Food is done!" Their father, Jean Darlington, called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Come on darlings! Hurry up!" Their mother, Isabeau Darlington, added. Her voice was slightly lower than their father's since she was probably in the kitchen finishing up the last of the food.

Claire walked quickly down the hallway and looked down the stairs at their father, "I'm ready. Skylar is being lazy." She laughed and walked down.

Jean suppressed a laugh, knowing that Claire hadn't been awake very long. If she had her hair would have been neatly brushed by now.

Skylar, who was right behind her sister, tilted her head, "I've been awake for hours already!" She said with fake anger lacing her voice as she playfully nudged Claire with her elbow.

Claire waved her sister off, "Yes yes whatever you say." She joked as the group made their way into the kitchen with the waffles and their mother. She sat at the table where a big stack of waffles were and began piling then on her plate eager to drown them in maple syrup and dig in.

Skylar rolled her eyes playfully as she sat across from her sister and began to put food on her plate, though she wasn't near as eager to drown her waffles. She looked at her mother who was seated next to Jean. "So, Mum want are we doing today?" she asked curiously as she watched Claire start to drown her waffles.

Isabeau smiled at her daughters her chocolate eyes sparkling, "We're going to Diagon Alley to get all of your supplies for Beauxbatons." Her voice was excited and Skylar felt a ping of sadness whereas Claire felt a great deal of happiness and smiled widely.

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic was where their mother had attended to lean magic. Isabeau, being born and raised in southern France, aspired to have her children attend the academy and that aspiration only increased since she had twin daughters.

Jean let his bite of food slide off his fork and sat up in his seat, "They are not going to Beauxbatons." He said sternly. "They'll be attending Hogwarts." He smiled faintly as he remembered his time at the castle.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had been where Jean had attended, and like Isabeau he wanted his children to attend the same school he had. It was an ongoing argument that had yet to have a solution.

Claire swallowed her bite of waffles and looked between both of her parents, "Over my dead body, both of them. I'm going to Pigfarts." She said matter-of-factly, a satisfied smile spreading across her face.

Pigfarts is a magic school that the twins had come up with.. It was housed on Mars and kept secret from the rest of the magical community. The headmaster of the school, Rumbleroar, is a magical talking lion.

Skylar nearly choked on her waffles as she laughed at her sister. Once she had swallowed she began chanting, "Pigfarts! Pigfarts! Pigfarts! Pigfarts!"

Instantly Claire chimed in singing, ""Pigfarts Pigfarts here I come! Pigfarts Pigfarts! Yum yum yum!" Before both of them burst out in a fit of laughter.

Their parents looked at them as though they had actually gone to Mars. Isabeau turned to her husband, "Honey, do you know what Pigfarts is?" She asked curiously.

Jean's eyes went distant for a moment as though he was trying to figure out where he had heard the term before. Finally, he blinked and shook his head at his wife. "I've never heard of it." He said simply before taking another bite of his food.

Claire rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Never heard of it!"" She paused and looked at her father. "Figures!" She added her voice full of drama. She then turned to her sister, "Father doesn't even know what Pigfarts is. Can you believe it?" She asked disbelievingly before again turning to her father, "It's only the greatest Wizarding school in the galaxy! It's on Mars!" She said matter-of-factly.

Jean gave his daughter a look that clearly said he didn't believe her, "I'm fairly certain that if there was a Wizarding school on Mars, I would know about it." He told her in the same matter-of-fact tone.

"Anyway," Isabeau started, waving her hands dismissively at everyone else in the room, "That doesn't change our plans. Today we are going to Diagon Alley, and you'll be attending Beauxbatons." She said making it very clear that her decision was final.

Jean turned away from Claire and narrowed his eyes at his wife. "Hogwarts you mean." He said simply.

Isabeau rolled her eyes, "Darling, we have two beautiful ladies that naturally belong at Beauxbatons."

"Do we have a word in this?" Claire asked her parents, "Because I already have my Pigfarts letter signed by Rumbleroar himself."

Their mother looked at them, "No. You are going to Beauxbatons. I've already written to Madam Maxime." She explained as she took a bite of her food.

Claire dropped her fork and hung her head, "Avada Kedavra my life." She whispered to herself.

Isabeau's face turned red in anger, "How dare you speak that sentence!" She said in a shrill voice.

"Hey! Don't say things like that!" Jean said in a far less angry tone as he was more concerned with the argument he was having with his wife. "They are going to Hogwarts Isabeau."

Claire didn't say anything else to them as she started eating again. Her brown eyes were dull and sad from having no input as to her school choice. She knew Pigfarts wasn't real, but she would have thought her parents would care about what she and Skylar wanted.

While the two adults argued, Skylar leaned over the table, "So how long do you think they're going to fight this time?" She whispered low enough that their parents couldn't hear.

"I have no idea… last time it lasted twelve hours…" Claire whispered back, attempting to ignore the argument. She hated when her parents fought, but even more she hated the feeling that her future was being set for her. She didn't want to be forced to attend Hogwarts or Beauxbatons just because that's what her parents wanted. She wanted them to send her to one of those schools because that's what she wanted.

Meanwhile, their parents continued to argue, "Beauxbatons!"Their mother said while attempting not to yell. "They are my daughters and I shall decide. If we ever have a son he can attend Hogwarts."

Jean dropped his fork and the vein on his forehead started to pulse, "So now they're not my children?" He asked through clinched teeth.

Skylar sighed hearing the argument progress, "Things could get ugly this time…" She told Claire as an odd sense of sadness swept over her.

Claire nodded in agreement and turned to their parents, "Mum, Dad. We prefer Pigfarts. Stop the arguing!" She said to the desperately when she saw the sadness in her sister's eyes. If there was one thing Claire hated more than her parents arguing it was for her sister to be sad or upset.

"I don't want by beautiful daughters to be Hogwarts girls!" Isabeau said ignoring Jean's comment and Claire's pleading. "You fell in love with me because I was a classy, wonderful, girlish, glamorous, Beauxbatons student. Or did you foget that?" She asked crossing her arms.

Jean shook his head, "No I haven't forgotten, but just because they're going to Hogwarts doesn't mean they can't be all of those things." He tried to explain as he too ignore Claire's pleading.

Claire looked at her sister sadly. "But Pigfarts…" She whispered.

Skylar shook her head as the sadness and desperation for their parents to get along grew. "I don't think they're even considering it as an option." She told Claire though her usual joking manner was gone.

"Damn this…" Claire whispered to herself.

"If they go to Hogwarts they'll be Narcissa Malfoy. All of those things and mean. Do you want that?" Isabeau asked knowing full well that her husband couldn't stand Narcissa Malfoy.

Jean rolled his eyes, "They will not turn out like her. Narcissa made some bad friends. Our girls are smart enough to know who to talk to and who not to talk to." He said sternly.

Claire watched as the play of emotions ran across her sister's face, and when she couldn't stand anymore she stood. "I WILL GO NOWHERE BUT PIGFARTS!" she screamed at her parents.

"You want them to be Slythe – whatever don't you?" Isabeau asked again ignoring Claire.

Jean rolled his eyes as he too ignored Claire, "No." he said sternly. "I want them to go to Hogwarts. It's a great school, and they will have a variety of people to talk to not just high class people."

"I shall not allow that!" Jean should have known that his wife wouldn't react well to what he said. "They can't go around messing with Mudbloods! They don't deserve that." She briefly turned to Claire as she had yet to sit back down, "Claire, darling, we'll buy you a pig ID that makes you happy."

Claire rolled her eyes and sat back down placing her head in her hands, "You get nothing." She said to her mother.

"I'm not saying that they're going to go fraternizing with Mudbloods. There are far more Mudbloods at Beauxbatons than there are at Hogwarts." Jean tried to explain before his wife became extremely angry.

Isabeau shook her head, "No there isn't! Besides at Beauxbatons they could learn Veela talents. Not to mention they'll be more likely to get a pureblood Durmstrag husband." She smiled at that thought, "Wouldn't you like that over them marrying a Weasley for example?"

Claire raised her head and looked at her sister, "Who the heck are the Weasley's? And are they seriously talking about marriage?" She whispered.

Skylar shrugged her shoulders, "How the heck did we go from ours school t marriage?" She whispered back, "We're only eleven!"

Claire shook her head, "I have no clue…" She sighed sadly, "I don't think they care about what we want." She voiced.

Jean frowned at the mention of the Weasley's, "Well, yes it would be nice for them to marry a pureblood other than a Weasley." He started, "But don't forget that Lucius has a boy at Hogwarts… Not to mention Mr. Nott has a son there as well. I believe his name is Theodore."

Isabeau raised her arms in disbelief, "Now you want them to marry Lucious's son?" She laughed a humorless and frustrated laugh, "Don't tell me you forgot what he was and probably still is!" She nearly yelled.

"I haven't forgotten anything, like the fact that the two of you were good friends at one point." Jean said with a wrinkled nose.

Claire shook her head in disbelief, "What? Not they're talking about their ex's?"

"Oh man they're hopeless…" Skylar said as she hit the palm of her and to her forehead.

Isabeau rolled her eyes at her husband, though she did feel a bit flattered by the jelousy in his voice, "What's done is done." She started, "You've clearly ran out of arguments though, so they will attend Beauxbtons."

Jean crossed his arms, "I have not run out of arguments, but you must have."

Isabeau frowned at his child like behaviors, "No I have not." She said firmly, "And unless you give me an exvellent reason now, I'm sending them to Beauxbatons."

Jean suddenly got a satisfied smile on his face, "Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts." He said matter-of-factly.

Isabeau rolled her eyes again, "I never really liked James and his Mudblood girlfriend. Not to mention that boy is probably a myth."

Claire sighed, "I guess this means out Pigfarts dreams don't stand a chance now…" She said sadly.

Skylar shook her head, "I guess not." She whispered back.

Jean crossed his arms, "Okay then, what about the fact that-"

Skylar stood and looked at her parents, "Does it matter where we go?" She asked them in the most demanding voice she could muster, "We need the same things wherever we go, so can we just go to Diagon Alley already?"

Claire clapped her hands, "Finally! Some sanity!" She yelled.

Isabeau stood as she too had enough of the arguing, "I'll be ready in just a few minutes dear, and I suggest that you are too." She said before leaving the room to get changed.

"Why can't she see Hogwarts is where they belong?" Jean mumbled to himself after his wife left the room.

Claire smiled at her father, "I can show you my Pigfarts letter if you want me to." She said hopefully.

Jean shook his head, "Not right now sweaty." He said as he stood and left the room too.

Claire sighed sadly, "No riding on Rumbleroar's back for me." She mumbled as she too stood.

Skylar nodded as the two walked into the living room, "I just hope we figure out where we go soon." She sighed, "I'm tired of their arguing."

Claire nodded in agreement, "Me too… if things remain like this September will arrive and we'll be schooless."

Skylar paused and looked at her sister, "Do you think we should just pick a school for them?" She asked curiously.

A wide smile spread across Claire's face, "Yes!" She said enthusiastically, "I think Pigfarts or Beauxbatons."

Skylar nodded, "I completely agree with Pigfarts." She said happily, "But… I kinda what to go to Hogwarts."

"What?" Claire asked her eyes going wide. "Hogwarts has really gone to the dogs."

"But it's a castle! Just think of all the things to explore and the Muggle-borns to prank!" She said her eyes sparkling at the thought.

Claire shook her head, "But at Beauxbatons we can learn so many things! Just like mum said!" Claire argued.

Skylar rolled her eyes. "Who need to learn to balance books on their head and how to curtsy correctly?" she asked as she mockingly curtseyed.

Claire put her hands on her hips, "Well, any respectable Pure-Blooded lady should!" she said disapprovingly before she sighed, "We're not going to argue over this… are we?"

Skylar shook her head as she handed a hair brush to Claire, "Not at all." She sighed, "What if you went to Beauxbatons and I went to Hogwarts?" She asked curiously.

"That's a brilliant idea!" Claire said as she took the brush and ran it through her hair.

Skylar smiled, "Then mum and dad won't have to argue anymore!"

Isabeau walked into the room now, looking elegant and fairly beautiful, "No darlings. You are both going to Beauxbatons. You should explore your French roots and learn about class and glamour and oh so many things!" She said with her eyes sparking as she remembered her time at the Academy.

Claire smiled, "Sounds great!" She said enthusiastically.

Isabeau turned to Jean as he walked into the room, "See?" she asked proudly.

Jean smiled at his wife, "I heard what they both said and I think their idea is great! Sky can go to Hogwarts and Claire bear can go to Beauxbatons."

Claire smiled, "Yes!"

"I want to go to Hogwarts!" Skylar said desperately.

"You're outvoted, three to one." Jean said with a smile.

Isabeau rolled her eyes, "Fine then." She smiled at her daughters, "I'm proud of you both." She said reassuringly.

Skylar's face lit up, "So I can go to Hogwarts?" She asked happily.

Isabeau and Jean smiled at her, "Yes darling you can." She turned to Claire, "Oh Claire! I'm so excited!" She said happily.

Claire smiled, "It was about time we solved this." She said simply.