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Race: human
Height: 5' 6"
weight: 186 lbs
Body build: Ectomorphic/Mesomorphic(acrobatic/athletic)

Hair color: jet black
Eye color:
Right eye:White
Left eye: black

Personaility: Danen is a very isolated person and only ever really talks to people he knows, and even then he doesn't really talk much, because that is just the type of person he is. he doesn't really have any sort of feelings for anyone other than himself because all he really knows is fighting, he never had time to get into a relationship so he doesn't understand said feelings. he is still a believer in the righteous and would risk his life to save another, even if the person he saves isn't worth saving.

Danen was born into a small poor family who abandoned him from the moment he was born because of the fact that he was born deaf. instead of simply denying that he was their child though they signed for him just so they could dump him in the street. The boy had been laying in the gutter that he had been dumped in for 3 days on the verge of death as he had been crying the entire time unable to hear his own voice as he cried out to a mother that would never come for him. As his crying began to die out his throat sore and horse, as his life slowly drained away. it was then that he felt very strong hands pick him up. The minute he was picked up he had stopped crying all together. The man that had rescued him had been a traveling monk who took pity on him and rescued him to nurse him back to health.

From an early age it was clear that this boy had an aptitude for fighting. Normally he would have just tried to find a fitting family for the boy to live with but he found that others were not as accepting as him. not to mention the fact that the boy was always getting into fights. finally deciding that no one was coming for him the monk had given up and now considered his own boy who he was going to raise the right way.

Over the next few years Danen found himself under harsh punishment from the monk, but for every punishment that was just as equal a reward after the punishment was over.The monk had been training the boy in how to fight and as thus made his punishment a match against the monk himself. In other words a completely unfair fight against and untrained opponent and a master of martial arts. the goal of said punishment was to train the boy on how to fight but not only that but to teach him what to fight for. he communicated to the boy through sign language which he had taught the boy at a young age so that way the communication barrier would not be a problem between them. Often times during the lesson the monk would sign something to Danen telling him how to correct his stance or what he was doing wrong. either way the punishments all ended the same way. in crushing defeat. But the monk was not completely heartless as he took the boy to clean him up and he would always make the boys favorite food for dinner. This showed the boy that while his punishment was to scorn him for being bad, it also showed the compassion and love that the monk had for him, and as he grew older he began to learn more.

By the time the boy had turned 16 the punishment was no longer effective because while the monk could fight the boy he no longer had anything to teach him, and most of their spars now were for fun versus punishment. in a sense the monk knew that the boy had long since surpassed him and yet the boy held back. the monk took great pride in knowing this, and moved on to try and get him enrolled in high school, the boy had been home schooled all his life and never really had any other interaction with people other than the monk whom he considered to be his father.

The monk did tel the boy about his past and did tell him about how his parents abandoned him. he had been worried that the boy would become angry and want to know why he hadn't been told sooner. but the opposite happened. danen simply asked the monk why he would bring up such people, and that if they abandoned him then they were not his real parents, the monk was his only family that he needed.

Special: Danen is a deaf mute, because of this his other senses(sight, touch, and smell) have increased to a point that normal humans could not imagine

Combat: Danen prefers fighting with his fists but is not beyond picking up a weapon if he needs to.
Weapons: none
Fighting style: Wushu(mixed martial arts)
Danen's wushu tends to focus more on deadly evasion and power attacks. basically he uses his surroundings to his advantage and wouldn't be past backing into a wall and then ducking so that his attacker can break their hand on the wall. as for his attacks they are very offensive and powerful. meaning that he can easily down a foe in a single hit if his attack is placed right.

Special combat abilities: since he is deaf Danen has the ability to pick up sound waves through his sense of touch which acts as a second pair of eyes for him. he can feel sound waves through the air as if he could actually hear. each vibration from each sound is unique allowing him to differentiate between them.

Hobbies:even though he cannot hear it, he likes to play the piano, and he is a fan of all classical music. his favorite song to play though is Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

Likes: music (even though he can't hear it), sparing, and all types of food.
Dislikes: when people treat him differently just because he is deaf, bullies, and those who would take advantage of others just because it puts them in a better situation than they them self would have been in.
Hates: unnecessary violence, people touching him(in particular his shoulders), and arrogance.