Characters: Protagonists

+Captain Oliphiant
The Captain of the Guardians, Oliphiant is a great soldier who defended the great city of Isburrey from invaders countless time. He is a descendant of a old race known as Ancients. Oliphiant is loyal to his friends. At the face of danger, he wields his Mythrill Broadsword against his enemies

A hunter from the East, Taric is a hunter whom slayed countless of beasts knowledgeable to their weak spots and such. He has no experience however, in fighting in war against his kin. After the war, he joined the Guardians, where he befriended Oliphiant. He is also a descendant of the Ancients. Taric is brave though, and he will protect his friends with his Dragon Spear which he has constructed himself.

A templar from the West, Icarus is a man, named from the legend. Icarus appears to be grim and heartless, but in truth he is soft and caring. He distaste war for he believes that killing other people with no reason is inhumane. He fell prisoner to Isburrey in the War of the Great Plains. His weapon of choice is his Great Trans-axe, which can switch from a battle axe, to a reaper scythe.

A drunkard, a bounty hunter and a thief, Rashimi is the last known descendant to the ancient race called Daemons. Rashimi often drinks in the taverns of Isburry to ease her pain. At other times she takes on jobs of typical mercenaries and such. In heart, she is sad and lonely being the last daemon. For a Deamon, she is pretty small about the size of a regular man. She is fast and swift due to her ancestral bounds, and she likes using her Twin barbed-blades, which she can hold like a short sword or throw like daggers.

A ranger of the Great Plains, Gresh is a hybrid of the old race of the Ancients and a regular man. Gresh stayed neutral in the War of the Great Plains and because of that, he saw countless of his fellow people die. He hates both both the East and West for fighting in his land. He is willed at heart and his desire to protect his people is strong. He defends them with his Bladed Bow, a weapon of the Ancients, along with is Bolted Arrows.

Characters: Antagonists

+King Usiris
Rich and arrogant, Usiris is the king of the great city of Isburrey. he is the last known Ancient that is still alive. He rules the city though with a loose grip, often letting his generals do the ruling. he is skilled in the ways of the dark arts and sciences which he often use to his enlightenment and because of it he became immortal. He is not a coward and he despises anyone who tries to take his daughter Soraya away.

+General Calahax
A templar and, the betrayer of the West, Calahax is one of the reasons why the East won the War of the Great Plains. He was a general of the West, and on the final days of the war. he sold out his army for power. He is greedy man and is now one of Usiris's trusted generals. He is often seen wielding different types of weapons, through swords to bladed bows.

+General Valneru
Also known as "Hero Of the East", Valneru, is a strong great warrior often seen by the other soldiers as an inspiration. He lead the defense the Siege of Isburrey. Even though he was outnumbered, He still won the great battle and successfully defended Isburrey. Despite his accomplishments, He is cold and cruel and has a thirst to battle. He lost his arm in the war, which he then placed a specially designed prosthetic armed with a shield. He carries a heavy broadsword for battle.

Characters: Minor Characters

One of the four Daemons Gods which any descendant of a Daemon can transform to, Vatn uses his whole body as a weapon in combat, most preferably his claws. He has powerful and durable spiked armor which said to grant any wearer Invincibility.

One of the four Daemon Gods which any descendant of a Daemon can transform to, Wendas is known as the King of Daemon Gods. He utilizes his sword known as the "Sword of One-Thousand Troops" anything he hits with it gets hit one thousand times by the same attack. He also utilizes his wings which hold silver feathers that are actually blades, with his wings he is the only known Daemon god that can fly. Lastly, he holds the Green Orb of The Daemon Gods. If he decides to tap into the power of the orb. He can summon the other three Daemon Gods to fight along side of him.

+Princess Soraya
Captain Oliphiant's love interest, and the daughter of King Usiris. She hates her father and often sneaks out of the castle to go outside. Soraya is very attractive, for many men have fell in love with her at first sight. She befriended Oliphiant when they were children and, she often gets herself in many troubles but Oliphiant is always there to save her.

A blacksmiths that live in the mountains. Hau is a tinkerer, and he often breaking things down, only to rebuild them again. He exiled himself in the mountains. During the war, he stayed neutral. He has a strange interest in the Daemon mythology and culture. He met Oliphiant during the war which he forged a Mythrill sword for him, as Oliphiant saved his life. He has been friends with the Captain since.

+The Crusaders
A group of six knights that answer directly to King Usiris. They are half Daemons, half man, and half machine. They are heartless but powerful and skilled when together. the six of them can fight an army of ten-thousand themselves alone.

Characters: Races

Ancients are people that first built the city along with the Semigods. They look like man, however they have green neon eyes, they have the ability to cast magic and science. They created the Semigods.

Large sentient statues, that do the will of the ancients, their creators. They are very large. A giant compared to any other races. they are often mistaken for buildings due to their size.

Regular humans Derp

Daemons are serpent-like creatures with the resemblance of man, slightly taller than man however. they have large spines that grow out their bodies and an exoskeleton to protect it. Because of their exoskeleton, most daemons have natural armor. Most daemons have muscular legs for speed and agility and have an uncanny ability to transform to their gods. The average height of Daemons are of 6 to 7 feet.

+Daemon Gods
Four powerful beings that gave birth to the race of Daemons. Their origins are unknown but others believe they came from the sky. The Daemon Gods were strong enough to destroy Semigods, and fight against the Ancients. The Daemon Gods are also familiar with magic and sciences. The Daemon Gods are also very large and tall compared to regular Daemons. they also have more exoskeleton than regular daemons.

Setting: The Nation of Isburrey

+The City of Isburrey
Where the story takes place, It is home for many of the characters. It endured a siege during the War of the Great Plains. It is also the Capital Eastern Nations. The city is protected by Semigods. The city contains: The Lower city, where the regular people live and work, and also the where the sewage are. The Upper city where the castle is, and the tomb of the Semigods are, many nobles live in the upper city.

+Central Tavern
Located in the lower city, it is where many people go for entertainment and drinks.

+Central Markets
Located in the upper city, it is where many people do business and trade. There is tight security by the Guardians, so no illegal and unruly trades happen often.

+Semigod Tombs
Where the Semigods are buried and relived. it is located in the upper city but it stretches down to the lower city.

+Tantung Towers
It is the main sewage and trash line where people recycle and waste goes. it is located in the lower city but its stretches up to the upper city. it also acts as a light towers. to light the upper city and lower city.

+Ashen Mountains
The mountains which surrounds the City of Isburrey. Going through the mountains lead many to many places, it is also the only entrance to the city.

+Valley of the Kings
The place where they bury the dead kings of Isburrey. Its located within the Ashen Mountains. It is a Magical place, for many wont think that its a grave yard.

+Wishing Fields
A field within the Ashen Mountains, it is filled with these rare flowers said to bring wishes.

+Daemon Temple
A hidden temple within the Ashen Mountains, where large sculptures of the Daemon gods are.

+Illnoria Village
A small village in the Ashen Mountains out next to the great plains. It is where Gresh came from, and where most of the battles in the war took place. There is also a small field of wishing flowers there protected by a great mysterious spirit. it survive despite the war.

+Hau's Estate
Located between the Village and the Daemon temple. It's where Hau lives and also his blacksmith shop.

+The Great Plains
Now belonging to the nation of Isburrey, The War of the Great Plains was fought between the East and West for territorial expansion to the plains. It is also what divides the East and West.