I really enjoy roleplaying. I find it so much fun to develop a story with another person. The twists and turns that can come out of nowhere are simply thrilling. However, does anyone else find that the topics people post in the forums these days kind of weird? Seriously? In recent searches I've found people asking for roleplay romance between

    Mother and Son
    Father and Daughter
    Abusive Relationships
    Father and Son's GF

Seriously? What kind of fetishes are floating around these days? And no, I do not agree with abusive relationships at all. There is no romance to be had there. I've only roleplayed in a masterxservant scenario once and I was neither master nor servant. I don't believe that violence makes a relationship and it's disturbing to think that.

But I digress. Right now I'm in the middle of a criminalxroyalty roleplay and I'm having fun. While I don't agree that abuse can evolve into romance, I do think that bad situations do have some potential to breed deep characters and deep characters are more fun to roleplay with than stagnant ones. Speaking of roleplay, I do believe I have a post. Toodle Pip everyone!