Name: Negaduck, alias Drake Mallard, not that he ever goes by that name.
Age: 30
Homeworld: St. Canard [Negaverse]
Faction: Independent

Personality: Heartless, ruthless, sadistic, a psychopath that's rotten to the core... And I gotta say, they're not wrong. I take pride in being the baddest of the bad and saying otherwise, especially implying that I'm not as evil as I'm cut out to be, is someplace you don't wanna go. I put myself first like everyone should, and as far as I'm concerned working with others is just asking them to drag you down, or maybe I just got beat too often working with those idiots back in Canard. Nah, I'm pretty sure it's the first one. I have a... hair-trigger temper, I admit, and I'm convinced that violence can solver almost everything, but I'm not some kind of loon: I can keep a cool head if it benefits me, but don't expect me to rescue teddy bears from sewer drains or anything. I enjoy the finer things in life as much as I enjoy elaborate schemes to ruin the lives of people I hate so I tend to horde giant piles of gold and jewels and might get distracted by them. Hey, greed is good! Anyone implying I care about anyone, especially that Goslyn brat, is wrong. Just because I adopted her and kept her from dying or starving and let her buy those gag-inducingly pink dresses doesn't mean anything. I'm just too busy to kick her out.
History: I grew up in St. Canard, but not the shiny happy sickeningly upbeat St. Canard you're probably thinking of; this one's part of the Negaverse, at least it was before the Darkness ate it all. St. Canard was a teeming hive of scum and villainy, a place where the only way up was to be meaner, tougher, and more eeeevil than everyone else-- And brother, I was good at it. What happened before I embraced my destiny as Negaduck, Supreme Ruler isn't important; I ruled with an iron fist, and had enough time to visit the universe next door, where I found a world full of suckers waiting to have their wallets stolen... and “Darkwing Duck,” my alternate-universe double. Hard to believe, I know.

When the Darkness spread over the city, it swallowed the world; only I had the moxie to keep going, and for a while I worked with the guys who call themselves Neoseekers. They're better at being evil than the Fearsome Five, which isn't saying much if you knew those clowns, but in the end I told 'em to hit the curb and headed off on my own. Most of those “Neoseekers” have no idea what their precious Kingdom Hearts really is: Maybe I don't know much about it myself, but I know what it isn't, and that's evil. I have the feeling that if the Neoseekers get their way I'll never get my city back, and that's not acceptable. I'll do whatever I have to to get back what's mine, even if it means... urgh... working with those goodie-twoshoes Protectors and that do-gooder Duck.

I Like: Weapons that rev, burn, and/or explode; running things/being my own boss; making life miserable for The Terror That Monologues In The Night.
I Dislike: Flowers, baby animals, babies, butterflies, the color pink, anything that could be described as “cute,” “cheerful,” or “wholesome”; being upstaged in villainy; “Evil” poseurs.

Species: Duck

Element: None

Signature Weapon: is a yellow-and-black chainsaw I fondly call Old Ripper. It can cut through just about anything – and I mean anything if you rev it up, but sadly Old Ripper isn't always the best tool for the job. That's why I can pull just about any weapon out of fourth-dimensional storage, so long as I had it t begin with; that means aside from Old Ripper it's pretty much all bombs and flamethrowers, but mostly my trusty tommy gun.