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life is not all that cracked up to be.
He was young and he could no longer take it. He had to get away from home, from everything. He had nothing anyways. His parents wouldn't even realize he was gone and friends...what friends? There was nothing left for him. So that's what (Runaway) did. He'd made it a great distance but he was low on money, on food and water. he had noting and he could no longer go on. He passed out along the streets, this was it...he was dead. But (Runaway) woke up in a nice room, he didn't remember this. It was nothing like the home he'd run away from. When he comes to he finds a young man in his room. (Rich) had stumbled across the passed out boy and had felt sorry for him, sorta. See (Rich) Got bored very easily and was always looking for more toys to play with, to try and break. Now he had (Runaway) Who was very attractive in his eyes, this could be fun. As repay meant for saving his life and providing him shelter (Runaway) is to be the new maid of the house, cooking, cleaning and waiting on the lonely (Rich) Man's orders. How long before (Runaway) Finally snaps? Can he go through this strange mans orders? Or is he doomed.

(Closet) Was a real ladies man, everybody wanted a piece of him. ever thought they could. he was the eye candy of the school, so popular. But he had a secret...He was Gay. Full blown gay, only he wasn't ready to come out just yet. Only one had known about this, his secret boyfriend, (Proud) . Now (Proud) Had been crushing on the male for a long time so he'd been more the eager to be with him, even if it meant keeping it away from public eyes. (Closet) Still knew how to be sweet if it was hidden in the janitors closets or in (Prouds) Own home. Maybe he was to blind to see? To keep up appearance, (Closet) would cut his boyfriend down, a few smacks here and there but he'd make it up to him by telling him he loved him and saying he was sorry when they where alone. Sometimes...But sometimes when (Closet) Got to paranoid and had (Proud) Got to close to him by taking he'd have to smack him around a few times in private so he could learn his lesson. He was rough, but he did have feelings for the male. He was more then just a punching bah / sexual outlet. He was his boyfriend, even if he hardly acted it. But can (Closet) Ever come out before it's to late, because (Proud) might start to get fed up and walk away...how would it play down now...

1. (Teacher) Had just gotten his first teaching job. He gotta nice apartment and things where really looking up for him. He was young, single and ready to hit the town for a little fun. He had his eyes set on fun and that's what he found. There he found himself a nice strip club. He set himself in a spot in the back with a nice view. He enjoyed the dancers but one and really caught his sight, of course he hadn't known that dancer had been (Student). The next day (Teacher) Was in his first class and (Student) Walks in and immediately recognizes the teacher as the man from last night, (Student) Feels awkward and worried and even gets called after class. (Teacher) doesn't know the dancer that had caught his attention was (Student) and (Student) Plans on keeping it that way. He started liking (Teachers) company at the club, giving him dances and maybe sometimes Private dances in the backroom. But he is terrified of him finding out who he really is. See the strip club....yeah he lied about his age and continued to lie about his age, the club could get shut down if they found a minor there...and (Teacher) Risked jail. But what is he going to do once he finds out the dancer behind the mask was really his student?

2. (Businessman) was very successful. Still young and head of the company. His father had passed and everything had been left to (Businessman) to take care of. He had money and he had success. He had a girl around his arms and everything was good news. That's how the media portrayed it anyways. Nobody knew (Businessman) actually had a thing for other males and they never would know. Not unless he wanted to ruin his publicity and wreck his late fathres company. So everything he did was in secret. Need to unwind and found himself a male strip club. It was perfect, nobody seemed to even know who he was...at the strippers, they where amazing. But none of them caught his attention quite like (Stripper) . (Businessman) was very much intoxicated by the young mans moves along the pole. He kept going back on nights he worked, he hadn't known the boy's name, only a stage name but he wanted him. Most nights he'd thrown down a nice, generous tip down the young strippers pants or just receive his lap dances. But it just wasn't enough for (Businessman), he eventually had the courage to get a private room in the back where he could finally have his one on one time with (Stripper). Little did he know that (Stripper) Was just excited to met (Businessman). But what will became of the very unlikely to? (Businessman) can't risk his company, to think he was involved with a MALE stripper was social suicide and something he just couldn't risk.

(Slave) was captured, He tried and tried and tried to escape but he just couldn't. He was the last left of his family and the king had been wondering just what to do with this boy. Alas His son (Prince) Had bariged on in before his Father had scentence (Slave) to death. He had suggested that it be far more humiliting for (Slave) if he had become (Prince)'s personal slave. (Slave) Wold have much rather preffered death but he had no say. Everything starts out fine, though (Slave) was still thinking up an escape root, that was until he got to learn a little ore about (Prince). It seems that (Prince) wanted him for a toy, his own personal play thing, you see (Prince) Happeneds to get a kick out of bring pain. Now is (Slave) Forced to endure this torture or will some how (Prince) Have a change of heart?

1. (Worker) was just a young teen, he was kicked out from home and was despert for a job. Lucky enough he was hired by this nice lady. She thought (Worker) would do good enough and it'd help (Worker) keep paying for his school. Only something is going or, (Worker) meets (Boss), he was attractive, yes he wa older but (Worker) had really liked him. He started working with him and realized what a catch this guy was. Only problem? (Boss) was married to the very woman who had giveen (Worker) This job. (Boss) Was a man who had a secret attraction to males, he married a woman thinking he loved her at the time but now there relationship is on the rocks. They both try and neither of them are willing to divorce the other knowing it'd just bring out bad publicity. (Boss) Is starting to find an attraction to the younger male now working as his intern (Or whatever). Now will (Boss) Intimidate the younger male, telling him to do whatever (Boss) Says, will (Worker) End up falling for (Boss) as well? Alot is riding on this little secret, how ever will they keep it?

Two sisters have recently escaped from an abusive home. (15-17 year old) and (7-10 year old) are out on their own. Unfortunately it is the dead of winter and being alone on the streets with no food and no source heat sucks. Suddenly a man comes to their rescue taking them in. (15-17 year old) isn't trusting though and allowing a man to protect her little sister is not something she likes. Sadly without a place to stay or food she cant just up and leave taking her little sister otherwise their bother goners.

Originally the Academy was a girls school for those rich and privilaged, teaching them to be ladies and how to be perfect wives. The newest headmistress has twisted the school's intentions. As a cover the school acts as a sort of orphanage for the homeless and unwanted young girls of society. The school would raise these girls as proper members of society for the day they turned of age to be let into society.
In reality the school takes in orphan and unwanted girls, along with those rich and privilaged young women sent to the all girls school. The school teaches these girls to become 'proper' ladies, forcing them to be girly, to wear dresses, to look like perfect models. The school has its own modeling agency for select students as well. The school has a dark secret however. It's students are given few freedoms, never allowed to leave the campus walls. The girls are taught how to please men, how to please women even. The students are trained to be obdeint and be sold off to clients and owners looking for slaves, play-things, and daughters. Students are forced to be ladies, forced to give up freedom and be sold around for the school's own funding.

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