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Jack's story
Jacks Forbidden Past


Jen, Jack, David, Natalie , Travis, and Lucky , Josie , Edgar and Benjamin

Once upon a time there was a hero, named Jack. He fought monsters, but to fight them he went back in time to go find his powers. A strange girl appeared there, apparently she was also a hero, and she was separated from her group. Her name was Jen, so then Jen said to Jack, "Want to join forces?", then Jack said, "Sure." so over time they gained cool powers that were impossible to achieve.

So, then they were off on an adventure. On the way Jen said to Jack, "Where are we going?", then Jack said, "We are going to find a Crystal that gives people immortality, and that means never die." Then they find a weird guy, and Jen said, "That's not a guy, that's a demon." and it was a big and ugly demon. Jack and Jen knew what they needed to do, they needed to kill the demon. Unfortunately, when they killed a demon, it regenerated into two demons. Eventually, there where a lot of demons and Jen said, "We cannot keep this up forever.". Suddenly, a strange kid came along, and killed the demons with one blow of his gun. The kid was Lucky. Lucky said, "You guys need a new member", and Jen said, "Sure.". Jen and Jack introduced themselves .

Jen found a sword made of fire, and then Jack found a big sword which allowed him to become invisible due to his speed. Jack said, "We need to move." and Jen said, "Right let's keep moving.".

Then they reach a castle, and there lived a Queen name Natalie but, along with a King named David. Travis, was the guard of the castle. So they got to the castle, and Travis said, "Do you wish to see the Queen?" and Jack said, "Yes, we need to speak with Her Majesty.". Travis said, "If you wish to pass, all of you will need to hand me your weapons." so they handed all of our weapons to him, and Travis said, "Have fun..." and Lucky said, "I have a bad feeling about this...".

They met the Queen, Queen Natalie said, "Who dares to enter my kingdom?!", and Jack said, "Jen, Lucky, and I... We need your help, we need a crystal that can return us to the future.". Queen Natalie said, "This one?". Jack said, "Yes, that one.". Queen Natalie said, "If you want it, come get it.", then Lucky went to get it, and Jack said, "Wait, Lucky, stop!". Lucky said, "Why?" and Jack said, "Because, when we saw Travis, he had a wired smile, so I thought to myself, 'This is strange, what if this is a trap?'. This is why I'm telling you to stop!" ...Lucky didn't listen, and then Natalie called all of her demons, and apparently, this was The Castle of Demons... Jack said, "We have been tricked.".

Jack and Lucky were ready to fight, but they said, "Where are our weapons?", then Jen said, "We gave then to the guard, remember?". Jack said, "We need to get them back." but it turned out that Travis gave the weapons to the Queen Natalie Queen Natalie said, "Are these the weapons you boys were looking for?" then they were surrounded. King David, who was the King of the Demons, said to the demons, "Take them away." and they were sent to prison...

Jen said to Jack, "I told you not to trust that guard..." and then Lucky said, "If you guys are done chitchatting, we need to find a way to get out of here...". King David saw what the prisoners were up to, so he told one the demons, "Go monitor their movements.". The demon was coming, but then Jen knocked him out. Jack said, "What did you do to him?! Oh, just put him to sleep..." and Jen said, "What do you think, of course, I killed him." Jack said, "Nice work, Jen. OK, now we need to find those weapons...".

Lucky saw something above us, and it was our weapons. So, Lucky had to go get them, and they went to escape, but as soon as they got there demons stared to surround them... King David said, "You thought you could escape so easily...?". Jack said, "So close, well I guess we need to fight our way out then..." They fought the demons, but Lucky got hurt, and Jack told Lucky, "Can you still fight?". Lucky said, "A little...".

Suddenly, David went to go kidnap Jen, and David said to the demons, "Kill both of them." Jack said, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JENNNNNNNNNNN!!" and Jen said, "Jack help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!", but Jack was too late, David already vanished...

Queen Natalie said "I can't take it anymore..." and she joined to the good-side. Jack told Lucky, "Stay here..." then Lucky said, "What, are you crazy?!". Jack said, "No I'm not... You are wounded, you need a medic. Then, Queen Natalie said, "I am a healer, I will take care of him.". Jack said, "Thanks." Travis came and said, "I will help you Jack." Jack said, "Do you have any powers?" Travis said, "Super-strength.", and Jack said, "Welcome, new member." Queen Natalie said "Jack take this crystal, it will take you to the future." and Jack said, "Thanks, Queen Natalie." and Jack and Travis went back to the future...

The future was old, and destroyed... Jack said, "We need to find Jen and bring her back...". So they went to the castle that King David had, and it was guarded with demons. Jack and Travis disguised themselves as demons, and they went to the guards... Then as the guards were going to say something to them, Jack said, "Die, you ugly demon." and he killed them. Travis said, "Wow, let me take the next one..."

So they went inside, and they found Jen crouched down and sad. Jen saw Jack and said, "Jack, you came..." and Jack said, "Yes, I came to kill David." Jack told Travis, "Get Jen out of here... and leave.". Travis said, "What about you?" and Jack said, "I will stall David." Suddenly, David came out and he said, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, you came..." and Jack said, "Quickly, go Travis!". So, Travis went and let Jen go free. Travis said, "Hurry we need to get out!" and Jen said, "What about Jack? Isn't he coming?". Travis said, "No, he is staying to stall David..." Jen said, "JACK YOU BETTER COME BACK ALIVE, DO YOU HEAR ME?!". Jack said, "Don't worry Jen, I will come back, that's a promise..." and Travis and Jen left... David said, "Noooooooo!" David was going to go after them, but Jack said, "Where do you think you are going?" and David said, "I will finish you off, then.". David was too strong, Jack couldn't cut him, but they faced off...



so in part 1 we left of when jack is going to face daivd . daivd summend his demons he had jack surronded then jack said why wont you basters die already! david said you dont get it do you moron if you just keep cutting them i will summon more jack said what did you just call me?! we will see about that as soon i am done with them i will Finnish you of.

David said is that so go ahead and try it then jack said maybe i will so he gose ready to charge at full speed he was anger you are going to pay for what you did to my friends so as soon as he is about to cut him he looks then he realizes that jack was cut jack said what? how you'd daivd said oh you are wondering how i manage to cut you you are pathetic when you were coming towards me i moved so fast that you didn't notice that i cut you you are so slow even to notice your down fall jack said i wont lose to you daivd.

Daivd said stay down and die already jack said no i can't i made a promise to jen that wouldn't die i am keepin that promise.

Jack said i am keeping that promise even if die i will find a way to keep that promise so jack rose up got his sword and said lets finish this daivd said you dont wont feel a thing.

so David kept cuting jack to pices then a steange kid appeared his name is josie he had a black sword it was a powerful sword who ever gets cut by it you suddently get slow at everything.

so Josie said you need help then i said fine Jack was on the floor unconscious he was losing to much blood so josie was trying to cut daivd also but josie saw a crystal around davids neck so he grabed it from him .

David wasn't that powerful anymore the crystal that he had is the one that could transport you so Josie charged at David and cut him david said you fool you can't kill me i am invincible i have that crystal that gives me powers Josie said you mean this one daivd said how did you take it i just got close to you and took it so he cut David.

David said you still can't kill me only with one cut thats what you think Josie said my sword looks regular but if i cut somebody they are poisoned so David was shocked that he could die so he was poisoned but one of his demons came and took him back to his castle david said until next time but for now you have defeated me so he vanished then josie went were Jack was laying on the ground josie gave the crystal to Jack Jack said thanks for your hlep i ow you one then Jack went back to the future Josie then vanished .

NEXT TIME DAVID RETURNS .....will David succed on concerning the village also Davids operants edger and Benjamin will they destroy our hero's. well find out next time


So Jack came back from his battle

with David. He appeared in front of the castle when Lucky came back from the village , he saw Jack lying there covered in blood. He told everybody that Jack had return they were surprised so they rushed there they saw him lying there. Natalie saw him and said bring him inside we have to cover his injuries Jen was crying '' you came back Jack said ''yeah i came back . I told you i would come back didn't i''
Jen said ''you fool, you could have died''. Jack sat up and shrieked what?! you wanted me dead ?! Jen said ''no i was just saying that you came back! you are so over dramatic i didn't want you to die you are my friend.'' Now lets get you inside'' so they went inside to treat his injuries after they treated his injuries Natalie told them to let him rest. Everybody left to let him rest Jack was thinking about the fight he said to himself ''how could i have been so slow?'' . He was disappointed with himself he was also thinking about that kid that he meet during the fight when he was going out cold '' who was that strange kid'' ? '' why did he help me?'' somebody came in the room .

I looked it was Lucky he brought some fruit beside Lucky was Jen she looked sad because Jack had many wounds. When she realized he would be fine, she smiled a bit Jack tried to get up but he was in so much pain that some of his wounds would open up again Lucky said don't move to much or your going to die . Here Jack are some fruit . Jack said I'm not hungry Jen told Jack you have to eat or you wont have enough energy to get back on your feet Jack told Luck can you leave me and Jen alone i need to talk to her. Then Lucky said of course then he left '' so Jack what do you want to talk about '' Jen. '' you been getting allot stronger .

'' why do you worry about me'' ''well because i had a friend 15 years ago his name was Kevin he was like a brother to me''. '' he looked after me he would risk everything to make sure i was all right'' but then everything change when the demons appeared and destroy the village. I got my sword and fought but i was too young to fight Kevin was killing the demons. So when Kevin saw me and told me to run i did but the demons were chasing me i tripes and fell i new that was going to die. But.. Kevin came and saved me from the demons. The demons got Yoshimori and they cut him to pieces then i started to cry '' Kevin get up Kevin get up'' the demons were intended to kill Kevin . He told me '' don't cry'' but i came to Kevin '' i though you were going to die''. Kevin was coughing out blood he was going to die . I said ''come we have to keep moving ''. We tried to keep moving but Kevin stopped. I said '' Kevin get up please don't die don't leave me alone do you hear me Yoshimori''.

Kevin was closing his eyes and was soon gone.'' Why Kevin why did you have to die Kevin i was so sad and got angry at the demons and promised this will never happen again. So that is what happened Jack was shocked and sad for her Jack said '' i never though you would go through that '' Jen said '' that is why i worry about you you remind me of him '' Jack said '' so its true you do care '' yes i care haven't you been paying attention''?! to what said earlier '' ow Jen take it easy i get it i get''. Jack said ''my wounds'' Jen knock it of Meanwhile back at the Demons castle king David was wounded of poison he got new operants their names were Edgar and Benjamin Edgar was big and strong Benjamin was fast and had a big red sword .

David order both of them to capture Jack both of them said '' it will be done your majesty'' so they went to capture him Jack finally got up and recovered Jen was happy that he got up out of bed then a loud bang in front of the castle it was Edgar and Benjamin they said '' who is the strongest here'' ''i am'' '' who are you '' i am Jack nice to meet you '' its him lets get him '' they double team him Jack it was a set up his friends tried to help him but Benjamin who was to fast put a powerful dark shield to trap his friends Jack was losing badly he could barley keep up with both of them.
Jen started to cry '' no not again it can't happen '' '' JACK get up'' but he could burly stand so Benjamin told Edgar ''thats enough we got to take him now right'' as soon as they were about to leave Jen started to scream AWWWWWW... then she broke the force field she was to late they left with Jack she was shocked that he couldn't save him so she was sad...

to be continued................ WILL JEN and friends save Jack from the evil David
or will Edgar and Benjamin destroy our hero's will find out next time

Part 4

So we left of when Edgar and Benjamin captured Jack

No JACK !! '' why did they take him'' why am i so useless '' why didn't i help him'' i got to go back and save him Queen Natalie you have to get me to that castle '' he gave his life for me'' now i have to do the same for him'' . OK i will take you we will go with you we are a team '' thank you '' '' everybody ready'' '' yes '' so they went of to recuse Jack Jen said '' hold on jack i will save you don't you die on me just hold on'' OK were here now the rest i leave to you good luck then Queen Natalie vanished Jen whats the plan but Jen went ahead Lucky said '' wait '' we have to stick together I know you want to recuse him we want to recuse him to. OK here's the plan when we get to that castle you guy's take what ever comes out then I will enter the castle. Lucky said what if you get in trouble '' well i guess i will kick there butts '' besides me and Jack have unmanageable powers when we are together '' so nothing can't stop us.

So they went they got to the castle there was a maze in front of castle Jen said'' we don't have time for this '' meanwhile back at the castle king David said '' oh you came back nice work operants'' were do you want him'' put him on the table strap him up Jack woke up were am i '' hello '' you '' ?! we meet again what do you want lets just say i want my crystal back '' never this crystal doesn't belong to you it belongs to Jen oh really '' yes'' oh is she your girlfriend '' no '' shes just a friend . Edger Benjamin take him to the chamber and beat him up '' yes '' your Majesty '' so they went to go take him to the chamber to beat him up king David said wants your finish with him bring him to the lab so they did.

Meanwhile back at the maze they got lost so Jen told the group '' focus on your hearing'' so they did nobody could scene a thing Jen focus hard then she heard him its Jack Lucky said how do you know because i have special ablatives that i can use to find people Jen said i can hear him he is in pain but still alive '' this way'' are you sure yes i'm sure also we share the same ability. They finished beating him up they send him to the lab where they where going to erase his memorize and also control him '' put him on the table quickly strap him'' Jack woke up again what were am i ah you woke up to late jack what are you going to do '' David said i am going to erase your memorize jack said '' what'' ?! they put a jacket on him '' noooooo you wont get away with this '' '' i already have '' '' awwwwwwwwwwww'' suddenly he was controlled.

'' what do you command'' '' David said we have intruders destroy them'' evil Jack said as you wish but David didn't know is that Jack and Jen friendship was so strong that his memorize would come back. '' Also give me the crystal '' yes as you wish'' David suddenly recovered and powerful again Jen and the group reach the front of the castle they went inside. Edger and Benjamin were waiting for them Jen said '' wheres Jack''?! '' oh you mean your boyfriend hes in the next room'' '' thanks besides hes just a friend'' it was a set up demons appeared and surrounded our hero's '' oh no not you guys we are going to play here'' so as the fight was going to start smoke was everywhere suddenly Josie appeared he said '' you guys take care of the demons i'll take care of both of them so they fought. Meanwhile Jen said ''Jack are you in here'' suddenly the lights turn on somebody was standing there it was Jack Jack opened his eyes '' Jen'' '' Jack'' what Jen didn't know is that Jack was being controlled. Jen said '' I came to take you back'' David was seeing them then David said oh no you don't he turned on the switch which controlled Jack.

Jack started to change his eyes, were going out then his demon eyes were coming and his voice started to change as well his sword was black with a black chain at the end of his sword Jen said '' Jack''? Jack didn't remember what he was the darkness took over his body '' whose Jack little girl''? '' Jack if your in there remember who you are'' suddenly Jack started to her a voice inside the darkness he started to remember ''Jen'' but the jacket shocked him he was in pain '' awww'' he went back to the darkness then Jen saw a switch she said '' maybe that is what cosing the jacket to shock him and to be controlled i have to turn it off don't worry Jack i'll take that switch off ''. Jen was going to turn the switch of but Jack stopped her Jen was fast but Jack was faster so then Jen had no other choice but to convince him it worked but ti was causing more pain '' awwwwwwww'' . Each time she got closer and closer '' dam i don't have that much time i have to turn it off i have no other choice i have to use a spell sorry Jack'' '' spell # 34 circle of lighting. A circle started appearing where Jack was standing '' huh whats this'' a light started to appear the lightning was shocking Jack he was in pain 'awwwwwwwwwww'' he was in the ground suddenly Jen had a chance to turn the switch of she turned it of.

David saw that she turned it he was shocked then he got frustrated '' no''! he check the previous room where Josie and them were fighting then he saw another switch then he started laughing '' aw you will die Jack nobody can resist the pain to maximum. Meanwhile at the room Jen ran to Jack she said '' Jack are you in your in there'' Jack woke up '' huh what happened Jen what are you doing here''? '' i came to save you'' '' oh thanks'' '' no problem'' then Jack stood up '' aright lets go'' '' were's everybody else'' '' there fighting the demons in the other room'' . They went to help the others Jack saw Josie '' hey'' what are you doing here Jack said '' i'm here to help you'' you edit Josie said. Lucky said are you alright '' yeah i'm alright'' David said ''not for long'' '' HAHAHA'' so what he did is that he turn the jacket to maximum. Jack suddenly started to feel weird again he saw darkness surrounding him. '' Jack whats wrong'' Jen said ''nothing'' Jack said . Jack didn't want Jen to worry about him. he started to lose his sight '' '' whats going on'' the darkness to over his body. David controlled him again but this time he leveled it to maxim nothing can save him now.

He changed but this time he was stronger then he was before he was faster. Jen said '' you lier you are being controlled again aren't you'' but Jack couldn't hear her. so Jen tried again to convince him but it didn't work. She tried to get close to him but she got shock and uncontentious. Lucky saw that Jen was uncontentious so he went to go get her Lucky gave her medicine so she would wake up she woke up. David enjoyed that Jack was suffering Jack went to the afterlife to talk to the gods. The gods said '' Jack you have to release all the power thats inside of you'' Jack told the gods that '' am i the chosen one'' the god said that he was also the gods gave Jack new cloths. Black riped cape black riped pants and black riped shirt the gods said that this power belonged to a great hero that fought the darkness. The gods said now its your turn to restore balance between god and evil Jack said '' i will give my life to protect the ones that are in danger i will be the one that will rewrite history'' . Also the god said theres a catch to this power'' be careful when you use this power'' Jack said ''why'' the gods said because this power is so strong that you will lose con shins and your power will go back to normal as once before.

Jack said'' I will be careful'' . Jack said thanks for everything so he went back to the real world and back to his body. Jen started to convince him again this time it worked he heard her voice he suddenly then tried to fight the darkness he used his power that the gods gave him. it worked he broke out of Davids control mind device David was in rage with anger so he went even feather to the future were he had something big for him. Jack was surprised with his new power he said '' i feel great'' his sword transform into a black normal sword with a black chain on the bottom of the swords hilt. Jen couldn't believe what she is seeing that Jacks power was a monster it was so great that the hole castle started shaking. Edger and Benjamin couldn't believe what power he had . So they charged at him Jack blocked there attacks with his sword '' this can't happened '' Jack was faster then he use to be so he went and slashed edger. '' Noooooooo '' Benjamin was going to attack at full power but Jack stopped it with his hand he got his sword and Brock it he defeat Benjamin with his slash '' Heaven shocking lunar fang'' ! a black red wave came out of his sword Benjamin was defeated '' awwwwwwwwwwwww''. Jack went back to normal he was uncontentious Jen ran to him. ''Jack wake up'' Jen said. But Jack couldn't hear her Jen had to heal him with her power she created a small little shield
around his body his wounds were healing suddenly he woke up '' Jen what just happened'' Jen said '' you defeated Edger and Benjamin you had a great power that shock the hole castle .

Jack said what about that mind control device. '' you broke it with that power of yours who new you had that kind power'' . Jack said we need to get back to the past Lucky said how David has the crystal Jack had two extra crystals Jen said how did you get those '' here '' Jack said he gave it to Lucky and the group. Jack had one of his own Jen go with them Jack said but Jen refused '' no i'm going with you those demons took my friend away from me and also David kidnapped me i'm not letting you go by yourself and get killed we go together ''. Fine if you say so Lucky and the rest group went to the past to tell Natalie where they were going. Jack and Jen went to the further into the future .

Part 5

so they arrived the future looked recked Jack said '' wow everything looks old'' . Jen said '' of course its the future '' . Jack heard something '' Jen did you hear that '' '' here what i don't here anything '' '' no listen carefully she heard thousands foot steps coming there way '' quick hide'' jack told Jen. They went to hide thousands of demons were destroying the city Jen said '' theres to many of them '' Jack said '' well i guess we need to kick all there a**'' . '' Jack you never think you just do it huh'' '' thats right'' 'Jack said '' so you with me or what'' '' alright lets finish this''. So they went to kill the demons once they finished killing the demons they went to go find shelter . One of the demons survived he went to the castle where David was working on clones. David said ''who dares to disturber me'' one of the demons said ''your Majesty we have intruders a boy and a girl . David said go find them and capture one of them '' yes your Majesty ''. So they went to go find them Meanwhile back at the shelter were they resting Jen told Jack '' Jack why did you want me to go with them '' Jack said '' well because i had a sister her name was to kine she always looked out for me when i was crying she told me that everything will be fine.

But one day everything changed demons appeared they took over the village but my sister went to go fight i wanted to fight but how could i was to scared so she told me to run i did i tripe on a rock the demons were going to kill me but my sister came and saved me. she was amazing and beautiful ''she told me don't be sacred always try to keep your head up OK little brother and one day you will see what you have become. But there were to much demons one person could handle she told me to hide so i did. She couldn't take on all of them she got stabbed twice. I was mad so i ran and got her sword and killed all the demons that were attacking her until there was none left i ran to her '' to kine '' '' Jack promised me that you will keep your head up high promised me that you will never quiet promised me you will always try to your hardest on everything'' .'' I promise to kine '' Jack told to kine that he will be a hero just like her so she was ready to die to kine told Jack '' i got to go'' . to kine closed her eyes it was raining she died '' to kine''!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then thats what happened . Jen felt bad for him she said '''i will kill those demons for you'' . Jack said that is what my sister would say. '' thanks Jen'' '' no problem '' so they went on to the nearst town to look for any surviverse and find information as they looked they saw a castle that was destroyed . They found Davids rain of terrier as they search Jen was shocked at what she saw '' Jack come quick '' . Jack came running and saw bones '' no this wasn't how it was suppose to happend'' . He was in rage at what he saw he sat down '' why wasn' t i strong enough '' . Jen went to Jacks side she told him '' hey come on don't blame yourself''. '' There was noting you could do'' they both put there heads down and left. '' Where do we go now '' Jen said . We go to the village '' Jack said. So they went to the village as they walked throw town they saw survivors hiding they were scared Jen saw somebody she told Jack '' hey did you see that'' '' see what'' .

Jen walked closer '' hello is there anybody here'' it was Lucky . Lucky was surprised that they came back '' he called the group '' hey everyone look who came back to save us'' the gruop came out. everybody was happy Jack said '' what happend to everybody they are are being prisoned by David and his demons. '' Well we have to let everybody out '' Jack said but what they didn't know is that the group were evil clones. Lucky told them'' that is not going to happen'' '' what why not'' Jen said. The group started to release their evil powers Lucky turned into a giant monster Travis turned to a dark evil animal Skippy turned to a dark evil princes Josie turned into a evil powerful ninja. Jack told Jen '' run'' but she refused '' ok we fight together'' '' fine'' as soon as they were going to start to fight a portal opened'Jack said '' whose that'' Jen saw them and said ''its Natalie and everybody else''. Josie said '' you guys go on head and find David we will take care of these clowns'' Jack said '' right'' Jack and Jen went on to find David ''Jack what are we going to do'' Jen said '' we have to capture him and get the crystals'' Jen nodded ''ok'' Jen said to herself ''Jack why do you try hard'' they reached the castle ''Jen there it'' '' right'' she used her spell ''spell # 23 white thunder'' her sword made a buzzing noise ''ha'' she broke throw the wall ''nice work now we got to find those crystals'' Jen said'' why is everything so dark'' the lights turned on Edgar and Benjamin were standing on the other side ready to fight David was there as well ''David your not getting away this time'' Jack said ''that's right'' Jen nodded David told them ''kill them'' Jack told Jen '' ready'' she nodded '' aw huh'' Edgar and Benjamin charged towards Jack and Jen Jen faced Edgar and Jack faced Benjamin. Jack moved as fast as Benjamin ''what how is this happening'' ''whats the mater moving to face for you'' Jack used his sword '' Black Lunar'' he cut Benjamin ''Dam you'' he couldn't move any more Jack turn to help Jen but King David was in his way he told David '' ill kill you once and for all'' David laughed and said'' come on then'' Jack charged towards David ''ahhhhhhh'' David saw his move and dogged it he was in back of Jack and punched his head he then was knockout ''agh who ... did ...this happen'' Jen saw Jack she screamed ''JACK'' David went to Jen and said '' aww was that your boyfriend'' Jen was furious '' you'll pay this '' YOUR PLANS WILL FAIL'' she released her full power ''aah'' she cut Edgar '' how can this be?!'' Edger was down she rushed towards king David '' DIE'' he rushed towards her and vanished she stooped '' were did he go'' she saw him coming she blocked his attack '' how did you block by attack?! '' '' I've seen your moves I'm not impress'' '' why you'' she reached towards him and grabbed the crystal ''got it'' David's powers were weakening '' No'' '' this cant be happening?!'' David grabbed Jen's sword and positioned it he ran it throw her chest '' agh'' she was breathless '' Ha-ha '' you shall die within minutes''. Meanwhile Josie and the rest were fighting there evil clones Josie saw his clone stop he drooped his sword ''whats happening to me '' he blew up Josie was confused "how did that happen'' he went to go help the others Lucky was going to attack " be gone'' the clone laughed "HA HA'' he stooped '' No'' he blew up '' Lucky was shocked at what he saw "huh'' Josie saw Lucky ''Hey'' Lucky turned around Lucky joined him ''quick we have to go to queen Natalia's aid'' he shuck his head ''right'' they went to go help Natalie. Natalia was facing her clone she was cut up ''dam'' she used a spell ''spell # 256 diamond needles'' the sky turn white the clone looked around ''whats this'' she moved her arms ''die'' the clone got stabbed by the needles ''No'' she collapsed ''Natalie'' she turned around Josie , Lucky approached Natalia '' Hey Guys'' '' Natalie we have to go help Jack and Jen'' Lucky said ''lets go we help them'' she said with confidence ''right'' Josie , Lucky nodded they were of to help Jack and Jen. David was going to finish Jen of she closed her eyes Jack opened his eyes he saw David going to finish Jen he rose up and ran were Jen was at Jack got stabbed ''agh'' Jen opened her eyes she was shocked at what she was seeing she said to herself '' Why Jack why did you sacrifice yourself for me!?'' David throw Jack like if he was a pice of trash Jen was angry she rose up from the floor got her sword '' David'' he turned around she released her power '' DAVID YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU DONE'' he laughed '' so you are going to stop me try it'' she charged at him '' agh'' David saw that her power increase '' what this cant be she suppose to be dying'' David saw her move she was Poisoned her even more he tab her chest with one finger she cough out blood '' agh'' she feel to the floor her eyes were closing up. Natalie , Josie , Travis and Lucky they saw the castle '' Natalie the castle is up ahead'' she looked '' yea i see it hope we make it in time'' they moved quick Natalie used her spell '' spell # 35 ice punch '' she punched throw the wall she saw that Jack and Jen were on the floor David saw Natalie and the rest David called out '' Benjamin Edgar'' they appeared David order Benjamin '' Benjamin open the portal '' he nodded '' yes '' he activated the portal Joise saw that they were going to leave he quickly used his speed and stab David '' agh you will pay for this '' he started to chuckled '' you will fall'' David and his assassins left Josie looked at Natalie and said'' what was all that about'' Natalie looked down and said '' we will fall'' Joise said '' your kidding right i mean this isn't the end'' she looked up and said '' no this isn't the end yet'' Natalie told Josie and Lucky go get Jack i will get Jen. Joise open the portal they went home. Natalie finished the book she tells the end of the story '' Jack and Jen they lost and were wounded Our hero's have failed'' she looked at the book '''well this is the end'' Natalie turned of the light and went to sleep.


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