Job 1

Job was an honest and God fearing man from Uz. He had seen sons and three daughters. He was very rich but very humble. His children were like him, rich but sinful. Job prayed and offered sacrifices for their sins. One day Satan and God talked about Job and God gave Satan power over everything Job owned, but not Job himself.

On a day when Job's children were feasting at the oldest brother's house, four servants came to Job. The first one told of the Sabeans killing Job's oxen, donkeys, and servants, the second; sheep and servants burning, the third; Chaldeans killing servants and taking camels, and the fourth, the roof falling on Job's offspring, killing them all.

Job tore off his clothes and shaved his head, worshiping God and saying that the Lord has given and the Lord takes away. Job had not sin nor cursed God

Job 2

Satan and God had a second conversation where God gave permission to harm Job, but not to kill him. Satan gave Job boils all over his body in which Job took a broken plate and scraped the boils with it. Job's wife told him to throw away his integrity and curse God, Job responded that one should accept the bad from God if one can accept the good.

Three of Job's friends, Eliphaz; Bildad; and Zophar, heard what was happening and came to him. They mourned and wept for him, then the four of them sat together and didn't speak a word for seven days