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Vampire - Creator - Dark/Twisted Romance

A soft thud sounded through the empty alley, the result of a dead body hitting the ground. The body had belonged to a young, handsome male who, unfortunately for him, had gained the attention of Alana. Now all that left of the male was a blood drained body. Raising her index finger, Alana wiped the blood trickling from the corner of her pale lips while licking away the blood on her sharp fangs. With a small smirk, the immortal nineteen year old bent down, her red eyes gleaming in the night. "Pass safely," she whispered in an almost sarcastic tone, sliding her fingertips over the mans eyelids to close his lifeless, brown eyes. Straightening herself back up, Alana smoothed over her clothes before gracefully making her way out of the alley and around the corner.

The street she was currently making her way down was close to empty, most of the buildings abandoned and caving in, a few of them bars or hosting drug dealers. Nothing Alana was interested in, except the most crowded bar of course. Where else was she going to find toys to amuse herself with that no one would ever miss? She didn't even have to ponder over the answer to that question; no where. It was just as simple as that. Of course she had already had her meal for the night. Now she just wanted to have a bit of fun by flirting with a few human guys who would never really have a chance with her. Naturally she would make them think they had a chance, but in reality they wouldn't even come close. Giggling lightly, she slipped into the bar through the back door.

Within a few minutes Alana had made her way through the packed dance floor and over to the bar. Propping herself up on the stool, she rested her left elbow on the bar, her right hand resting on her short, black, miniskirt. Slowly she let her now bright gray eyes scan through the crowd, picking out some of the males she liked the most. For the moment she just wanted to watch, maybe give a few seductive smiles and flirtatious winks. Before she really had the option to relax and observe, another young man was propping his elbow up on the bar next to hers, leaning on it as he gave her a charming smile. Alana turned her attention to him, resting her chin in her palm as she openly gazed over his muscular body. The young man noticed, his smile brightening. "Can I buy you a drink?" He asked, his deep voice matching his masculine face. Batting her eyelashes, Alana returned his bright smile. "I suppose it would be rude if I said no." She answered playfully, though of course she couldn't actually drink it. The male grinned and ordered the two some type of mixed drink. "The name is Eric. Your name is...?" He asked, trailing off while he looked her over. Smirking lightly, she answered, "Alana." Discreetly letting her eyes travel past him, she once again moved her eyes over the dance floor, then let them scan farther back to the private booths.

Alana's breath caught in her throat. "It can't be," she whispered, her tone clearly showing shock and several other unpleasant emotions. Straightening her back and tilting her chin up, she focused her eyes on the mysterious man sitting completely alone in the booth. "It is," she whispered again, completely forgetting about the confused man beside her. If her heart wasn't already still in her chest, it would have stopped in that moment. The man she recognized alone in the booth was her creator. The same creator that she hated, and yet was the only one that could crush her both emotionally and physically. The same creator that had so abruptly ruined her life one lonely night in an alley way, then left her for dead. The same creator who had only knew of her existence a month later when somehow word got back to him of his accidental creation. The same cruel, twisted, infuriating b*****d that she had been avoiding for the last three years since he had come to her, had come to see for his own eyes that she was not the dead he had meant for her to be, that she was now a vampire like himself...

Alana pushed herself from the stool, her smile and seductive, flirtatious facade gone as she again made her way through crowded dance floor. Her mind was panicking, focused only on getting away as quick as possible. She was unsure of why he was here, unsure if it had been a coincidence or if he had tracked her down. Somehow, though, Alana already knew that he had tracked her down, the reason why beyond her imagination. Besides, there was no way they had accidentally ended up in the same place. Once she had gained control of herself Alana had moved, had completely relocated herself from L.A. to New York. Finally reaching the back door, she shoved it open and then slammed it behind her, fully intending to run just as fast as her unnatural speed would take her. At least that was her intentions until she turned the corner of the alley only to stop dead in her tracks as her eyes met those of her creators.

[[Play her creator, please. This is meant to be a little dark and twisted, like a love hate relationship, so do not be a pansy.]]