Sky and Kara [Part I]

Upon the grassy plains, Sky was applauding as he watched a young woman who had many resemblances to her father ride her first antelope. Kara was keeping a tight hold as the antelope started to slow until it was going to die if it went any further. Sky had followed on an antelope of his own as Kara got off the antelope. The young gazelle knew not to run any further as Kara approached her slowly. Kara’s dress was made of her own handiwork, having pockets in unusual places, such as right below her right shoulder, where she reached in and took out a small green fruit. The gazelle was shaking in fear, but was still very attentive when Kara offered her the fruit.

Kara kneeled down and very slowly placed the fruit about half a foot from the young antelope. Still shaking, the gazelle stretched out her neck to slowly sniff the fruit, and when she decided it was safe, she bit into the tangy fruit, enjoying the taste, as well as the hydration it delivered. Sky smiled as he saw the ritual complete. Once the gazelle finished the fruit, her skin started to glow golden for a minute, then it faded. The gazelle had felt energized and stopped shaking, but she knew that her soul no longer belonged to herself alone, but a small part of it to Kara as well.

“I name thee, Rebek, in the honor of our ancestor.” Kara said in her native tongue. Kara got on Rebek, the only difference from last time was that Rebek accepted Kara, instead of doing everything she could to resist and get away. Kara and Sky, who was happy with the fact that he could deliver his one and only offspring into the rite of passage to become one with the village.