After school today my mom had me help her with cooking and preparing the cave for all the guests we would have. I had to clean and clean and clean and well you know... I don't know why we bother it's a cave... if I clean too much i'll bring down a wall or something... But all that was totally worth it when they finally showed up!!

My dad of course greeted them his usually troll humor, although I don't think they really understood when a behemoth of a troll was asking them for their toll money. Hehehe. That gets them every time!! Dad's so funny!

The dinner my mom made was the usual customary spread, of fresh garden veggies and tomatoes and the best desert on the planet!

There was a bit of an awkward moment between Drakie and Glen... Thankful mom's got the best timing in the word and it looks like we dodged that ray of light. Lets see what happenes tomorrow.