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Random stuff really.

[name] Razekial Aiden
[age] Currently unknown || Goes by numbers usually in the early 20s
[gender] Male
[race] Corrupted Ardreux
[orientation] Gay
[likes] Sweets, fruits, candy, blood, flesh, bone, dark places, warmth
[dislikes] Loud noises, loud people, cold, winter, sunny days
[fears] some sort of touching phobia

[appearance] He stands just at 5'6" and is somewhat frail looking. Razekial is a fellow who is nearly devoid of color, or at least from what most people could see. Aside from blue eyes the male is practically the embodiment of "pale". Pale skin, snow white hair, pale scars, somewhat pale attitude.

He is somewhat feminine in appearance, though perhaps that's mostly his hands feet and somewhat his body structure. It's not too terribly so though. His build appears somewhat lanky though not sickly thin. It's more of a neutral build.

With white hair, black nails and all sharp teeth aside from his incisors he sometimes comes off as demonic in looks.
[pictures] click here for images and such~
[scars] Razekial is covered in various scars. The most noticeable are the ones that wrap all the way around his wrists and the one across his throat.
{ rings } : Left and right hands have the same rings on them. There are two silver bands on his ring finger, one on his index and one on his thumb. On just the left hand he has a silver ring that appears to be a dragon with a jewel the same color as his eyes in it's mouth. This wraps around the bottom part of his middle finger.
{ earrings } : Same piercings in both ears. Four small silver rings line the upper part of his ear. One of the same small rings is pierced on his lobe with a thicker banded pendulum sort of earring

[abilities] Manipulate darkness. This is more or less so that he can disappear into shade/darkness. He cannot merge with something smaller than himself or anything that is not stationary. Manipulation of his own blood. His blood is black and thick. This gives him the ability to heal wounds, though slowly if he is in the middle of something and to defend himself. { see the link under his race for more information }
[strengths] Dark areas, quiet areas where he can think
[weaknesses] Light areas, cold temperatures, being angry, having too much going on in his head at once

[family] Xen (Twin brother), Alexandria (Younger Sister)
[personality] This little guy is often hard to explain. Sometimes you think you have him figured out but then he surprises you. However, his set way of acting is easy to figure out.

Razekial is a quiet being, one who prefers to watch rather than to speak. Unless spoken to it is rare that he might strike up a conversation which can lead to odd meetings for he seems to like to stare at people. Socially awkward is definitely something you could call him, oddly enough for someone who has been around for quite some time.

One might call him secretive, but in all honesty if you just ask him he will most certainly tell if he can. Honest is something he definitely is, even if other actions might say otherwise. He is, and forever will be, a terrible liar and therefore finds no point in trying.

Perhaps he can come off as a bit cold. Sympathy isn't something he has, or at least for those he does not know. People he just met and barely knows usually make him out to be some sort of people hater. Razekial feels that it is hardly worth the time to worry about one he doesn't know, but it doesn't mean he won't try to help... Though he is probably one of the most unhelpful people in most cases. He just doesn't try to do something he can't. But back to being an a*****e. If one gets to know him he tends to open up and can be really quite sweet if given the chance.

It has been known by some that he has various personalities that are triggered by certain events. One moment he could be the quiet/shy type and the next he could be rude/loud.

- Usually carries around a black pocket knife.
- Obviously his abilities are a weapon
- Has a sword made out of a material from his home planet. It is platinum (or a white-ish / silver) in color and was created to work with the user's energy in specific. The material also makes it so that the weapon is almost unable to be picked up by someone who isn't the user as it tends to bond with its owner. It is able to carry energy throughout it for attacks and so forth. It can be programmed to take specific shapes but usually has a limit.

- Razekial's skin is icy to the touch
- He is, in a way, dead. He has no heartbeat and does not breathe.
- Doesn't like for people he doesn't know or isn't comfortable with to touch him. Once he gets to know and becomes friends with one he becomes a bit more open to physical contact.
- Takes a while for him to warm up to people. Some people quicker than others and it's really all about comfort around one and how they act.
- Doesn't seem to show too much sexual attraction towards others but relationships aren't completely lost on him, he's just really different. It always requires someone else to show that sort of interest before he understands.
- Talks quietly and softly

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