Blech. I wanted to do some work last night, but I didn't get around to it. Woke up really hungry this morning, luckily there were some muffins made. Delicious. Typing this was kind of awkward. As I typed the words, they looked alien.

Oh, as I was typing that, I remembered part of my dream last night. It was pretty entertaining, so I'd like to record it. At first there was something about myself watching a League of Legends pro play, inside the same room. Then there was some building where some kind of contest was being held. My party and I were only supposed to step on the dark tiles, so we did. We came to a room with nothing in it and decided to set up a base there. As we were scoping out the room (which was a class room), I noticed a post in the middle of the hallway with a green light and a red light, then the green light went read. I said awww s**t as the double doors to our room started to close. I should not that my two party members were apparently German, and one of them wrote on the board saying as much in the finest lettering I'd ever seen. I ran to the doors as they were closing to witness hordes of naked people start pouring out of no where. For some reason I knew it was our objective to stop the naked people from entering our room. With one of the double doors closed, I blocked the other double door with my body and let out a frighteningly loud roar, which visually terrified the naked people enough that they started to crash into each other forming a parabola around the door and myself. One of them eventually got brave enough to charge me, and I caught him with some move I forget. I seem to remember putting him into a Boston Crab hold before the scene switched to my parents talking about floss. All in all I thought the whole little scene in the abandoned school was absurdly entertaining.