Happy first Friday the 13th of the year!

Usually dreaming of snow is a good sign unless you eat it. That is a sign of a season of sadness. Dreaming of a big snow means a lot of work is coming but it will result in a big sucess. Wet snow on a tree in a dream means your investments will be profitable. To dream of a fall snow is a sign of unsuspected happiness. Dreaming of a spring snow means unsuspected financial gain. A dream of a summer snow is a good business season ahead. A winter snow dream means success after minor problems. To dream of a snow topped mountain means good news is coming. To dream of washing in snow means troubles are ending. Help from friends with influence is coming if you dream of shoveling snow.

Snow in dreams are also said to be connected to your emotions. If the snow in your dream is hindering you from traveling it could mean that you are being hindered by something in your life. If the snow is fresh and clean it could be the sign of a new beginning for you.