Father: Mathew Brenna
Age: 40
Mathew is Castille's biological father. He is 5' 10", with very short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He works as a Lieutenant Detective for the local police department. He is Castille’s voice of reason, and likes to give her steady advice, as well as help with her homework. He live by old fashioned virtues, having spent most of his life living in the northern part of Montana and attending school in a one room schoolhouse with 22 other kids. He is a quiet, reserved person who, after divorcing with their mother, spent most of his time caring for his children and making sure they had a comfortable home. Once they got a little older, he returned to the dating scene and married his second wife, Savannah. He likes playing softball, reading science fiction, and going on vacation with his new, larger family.

Castille Says:"My poor Daddy. He spent so much time raising Kaylee and I that he didn't have a real social life for close to 6 years. I owe him so much for taking such good care of us. He is the best father I know, and I hope I tell him enough."

Sister: Kaylee Brenna
Age: 14
Kaylee is to Castille as night is to day. Kaylee loves shopping, Castille finds it boring. Kaylee loves skirts, Castille wouldn't be caught dead in one. Kaylee is a cheerleader, Castille despises them. But through all their differences, the two sisters are rather close, and enjoy spending late nights watching movies and having popcorn fights. Kaylee is 5' 7", with a skinny, but muscular build that comes from hours of cheering. She has a round face with a dark smattering of freckles, deep blue eyes and bleach blonde hair. She is also the only one in her biological family that didn't need braces as a kid, and hasn't had a cavity in her entire life.

Castille Says:"My little sister is so perfect. All the boys want her, she's like my mother's little clone, and she gets great grades. I feel like the -mistake- of the family sometimes when I am around her."

Step-Mother Savannah Brenna
Age: 35
Savannah was born in a rural town about an hour from where Castille lives. She grew up with divorced parents, and a step-mother who abused her. She married her first husband, and had Tyler. Now she is married to Castille's father. Savannah is 5' 7", with light blonde streaks, as well as chocolate brown streaks in her chin length hair. She has dark green eyes, and a pointed nose that betrays her French heritage. She is a loud person who likes to socialize, sometimes leaving Castille’s father behind while she goes out. She works at the Department of Health.

Castille Says: "I have mixed feelings about this woman. When she first moved in, she tried to buy me and my sister off with stuff to make us like her. But she is an abrasive person a lot of the time...I think she is brainwashing my Dad."

Step-Brother: Tyler Redding
Age: 10
Tyler's biological father lives about an hour away from him. He is only ten, but already he almost reaches Castille's shoulder. He has messy brown hair that he likes to spike when he goes to school, and big, baby blue eyes. He just got braces, so his smile is a little metallic, but he has a laugh that is loud and genuine. He can be a bit of a baby when he doesn't get his way, and likes to fight with Maranda and Kaylee, but he listens and respects Castille. He loves dragons, and is a very thoughtful person for being so young. He wants to be a professional baseball player when he grows up.

Castille Says: "Tyler is such a spaz! But for all his Pokemon, Bakugon, and Yu-Gi-Oh obsessions, the kid is really smart and such a nice kid. I remember once, I was in my room, and he knocked on the door and came in, looking real excited. When I asked him what was up, she showed me this picture he drew of a pack of wolves and said -I made this for you at school today!- He looked so excited! That picture still hangs on my wall to this day."

Mother: Lisa Davis
Age: 40
Castille's biological mother, Lisa is a vibrant, loud being who owns a restaurant and works at a local hospital. Lisa has sandy brown hair, which she dyes blonde highlights into, and green eyes. She is the same height as Castille, and likes to borrow her shoes. She has four sisters, and is very close with all of them. But she also enjoys staying at home and playing with her granddaughter Payton. She shares much of the same traits with Castille, including her love for bracelets and fuzzy socks. Lisa is married to her second husband, and lives about 20 minutes from the school. She calls Castille at least once a week to see how she's doing and likes to plan "shopping dates" with her and her sister Kaylee. Castille goes though, in truth, she hates shopping.

Castille Says:"My mom is always sending me money, saying that -She doesn't want her baby to starve- She is one of the kindest people I know, and I love her so much!"

Step-Father: Gerald Davis
Age: 44
Gerald is the full blown redneck, and he isn't afraid to show it! He works at a lumber mill, and Lisa is his second wife. Gerald is gruff, likes to drink and party. He's shorter, about 5' 9', with hair that is always flat from his ball cap, but curls on the sides and back. He has an oval face, usually with a scruffy beard covering the laugh lines around his mouth. He grew up with a house full of girls, with his father being the only other male in the house. As a father, he tries to help his kids out, but they have a tendency to take advantage of him. As a Step-father, he only asks respect in his home of Castille and Kaylee. Castille often goes to him for advice when she doesn't feel that she can talk to her mother or father.

Castille Says: "Gerry jokes around so much! And he's a country red-neck down to the core! But I know he loves me and hee hee, don't tell anyone....but he says that I'm his favorite of all the kids!"

Step-Sister: Melissa Davis
Age: 24
Melissa acts like a baby a lot of the time. She is the same height as Lisa, with brown eyes and a nose ring. She works as a hair stylist, and changes her hair once every couple weeks. Currently, it is short, very dark brown, and straight. She has a 4 year old daughter named Payton whom Castille loves. She spoils the girl to death, but as a first time mom, she means well. Melissa is a kind person, but isn't afraid to speak her mind. Now that she a mother, she has mellowed out, though that scrappy fighter still comes out on occasion.

Castille Says: "Melissa is a little bit of a whiner, even though she is older than me. And she is pregnant with her second child already! Sometimes I wonder how she raises my niece when she acts like a kid herself!