I know, I know. You're not much of a 'daily journal' right now, are you? I mean, I've only written in you twice since I got you. But I think I like you more like this. I don't have to write what I did EVERY day, really. I'm fine with just writing the important stuff every once and a while.

Ok, well... I better start with this. I've got over it now, I swear I have, but I still have to write about it. Daddy's gone. "Oh Gerty, dear. You wrote 'daddy', you're still such a child!" Hey, I'm paying him some kind of respect, ok? He liked me calling him Daddy. Is there something wrong with that? And I'm not a child!
Though, I did sleep with my secret teddy bear the night I got the news. Oh, I'm glad you have a lock, journal. So, yeah. Had to write it down because... well... It's strange. I mean, I know I'm not the only one in the entire school who's loss a parent. Hell, more than half the school has! But most of their parent's deaths were because of magic or someone killed them, even though it might be unintentional. Daddy's wasn't. What I'm saying is... it feels insanely real. He died because of kindness. He was too kind to others. I'm sure Mother said once that it'd be the death of him. Guess what Mother, it was. Not that I blame Mother either just... Bleh! I don't know!

Ok, I guess it's out of my system now. What else has happened? Well, school officially started. I guess I'll have to get back into working again. Ha! Jokes. I'm Gert!
But I better pick up my game up. Don't want to repeat 2nd year like Gio will have to do when he returns. There was the big old introduction thing. Apparently History of Magic is compulsory now. Sounds so boring! I'm probably going to spend all lesson making cakes. I'd test them on Sui, but she's too wary now. I need a new test subject... I can't exactly ask someone. I have to be sneaky. Oh well, I'll think about that when classes start.

Ok, bye bye! Wait, why am I even saying bye to you? You're just a book!

((If you read these, please comment. I wanna know that I'm not writing these for no reason))