Excuse any incoherence I may write up, I just woke up. I suppose I should write what my dream was...

Oh that reminds me, I've been saving copies of my dreams lately, once my desktop is done checking for and removing virus', I'll get them all and post them.

Lets see...what should I post...I'd rather post something uplifting today, my previous post was a bit more serious than I'd like...I'm not serious like that all the time I'd hope!

Program Nacan, the name of that project I was working on that had me mentioning the patient men, it seems to be put on hold... Two of the four men are MIA, one gone a cruise for ten days starting yesterday, the other is truly MIA, I haven't seen him for a while, but I'm giving him a break - he might be visiting family or just started school. I'll look into harsh (no...harsh isn't the right word, drastic perhaps, but not harsh) measures if he never returns, but I'm not really focusing on that right now.

I cleaned my room about a week ago, its stayed fairly clean but I see the beginnings of a hoard of a mess starting, and I don't like it. Today I'm due to clean it, I think I need to walk around though -- I can't seem to stop yawning.

Its gotten warmer around here, its a nice temperature to go bike riding really, I may do that today, but I'm not too sure if I want to...

I'm procrastinating hardcore on the things that need to be done, every time I look at them, I seem to never want to do them. Rather, I choose to do something else until said something else becomes a to-do task. Maybe I should reverse psychology myself...that is a bit too much work for what really should be done. Just do it you nincompoop, its not like it'll kill you.

I'm due for a shower, cleaning my room, brushing my teeth, and some exercise today, yet it is 1:20PM and I'm still in my bed. I'd like to think that its just from waking up, which is true. However I know its not - I needed to update this, I also needed to start and get this virus scan out of the way. I suppose I'll go riding my bike for a bit once all of that is done.

Actually no, I don't suppose, I will.

Oatmeal sounds like a good breakfast, we did buy quite a bit earlier.

I seem to be out of topics for the moment, at least for a legit...ish...journal entry.