As a theater student and an Arts major, my work will reach hundreds if not more pairs of eyes. Though universally we do not all speak the same tongue; we can all see or hear, with some exceptions, the arts. I know that one person can start a ripple that will change the world forever.
I want to be one of those ripples; to kill the world with kindness even if it will one day be my down fall. I know that everyone judges another whether they accept it or not; the truth is still there. People fight and people hate. If no one opposes this or tries to suppress and end the flame any longer; then we may as well give up because with the messages going out now-a-days the tomorrow we have will be our D-day anyway. I want to stop that; and I know it's possible.
I will start one of the chains; I will reach out even from the bottom of the darkness of hell that may take and try me for any treason. I don't want to give up; I don't ever want to see the hurt and the hatred that I see now from person to person. The detest from families. I know not everyone can be moved and that's for the best; but people need to open their eyes. I may be young and naive but I will never give up.