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User Name: Faulheit

Full Name: Chavatangakwunua "Kwun" Chochuschuvio Cha'akmongwi

Age: I am 18 years old.

Grade: I am a senior in High School...

House: Muladhara

Race: I am human.

Sexuality: I like women.

What brought you here? I was growing up in my tribe, living a life completely normal to my tribe. One day though... A group of red-necks from a nearby town decided that they were going to 'clear out the savages'. I had learned of something from the legends that was expressly forbidden, but I would rather risk my own soul than see my entire tribe eradicated by a bunch of imbecilic drunken heathens! So, I became a yee naaldlooshii, or a skin-walker. I became a bear, but not completely, I needed to keep my human mind. I wound up killing all of them. When the tribe elder found out about what I had done, she was furious. I was banned from ever coming back into the village and my family disowned. I left with the clothes on my back and that was all I got to take with me. I was 10.

Eventually I found more like me, more people that had forgone the ways of the tribe in order to achieve greater power. They took me in until my twelfth birthday. At that time, they told me about a school that taught people like us how to better use our abilities. The school was in a castle in the sky, so we traveled together to where it was going to be and I flew up there with my owl skin. A teacher found me, and I explained what was going on. Eventually I was enrolled, and life began learning magic. It was difficult at first, people made fun of my name, so I took to being called Kwun. And then when it came time to demonstrate our powers... It was mildly embarrassing... To put on a skin, I need to be completely naked. Several people were confused when they told us to show our power and I started stripping. Eventually everyone got used to it... Mostly. Some people are still disturbed by it... But I pay them no mind.

What do you like? I liked my tribe, and ever since I was cast out, I liked the people that took me in. I have a need to feel like I belong, and it can get pretty bad, especially when I am left alone. I start to panic some, and seek out people as soon as possible. I also like hunting, but only for what I need. I find killing for sport distasteful and dishonorable. I collect animal pelts as well, which is practical as well, since I can turn into what ever I have the skin of.

Not so much... I don't like being reminded of my past. And when someone mocks me, I make sure to get even. As such, I don't like practical jokes, I can never seem to just take them as jokes. It is a problem I have with some of the more mischievous people at this school, but I have learned to ignore them. I don't really like the cute fluffy things in the world. Mainly because I know how temporary that cuteness is when it comes to the long run...

Powers: I am a skin walker. Which is why I am no longer with my tribe. Mostly this means I can put on an animal skin and turn into the animal, however I can also just put on the skin slightly, allowing me full access to my hands while still giving me aspects of the animal, such as an owl's wings or a bear's strength. Eventually I will be able to steal a person's body by remaining in eye contact with them long enough, but my abilities aren't that developed yet.

Who is your rival?

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