I watched "Rise of Planet Apes" and "Real Steel", awesome movies. I learn a lot by going to watch a movie.
The main character "Ceasar" the chimp chose not to save the businessman bcuz that guy ratted him out, telling someone to shoot at him.
-Gotta keep his dignity. You don't have to save everyone.
-"Alone weak, together strong" w/ twig analogy got a new meaning: tons of chimps working together as a family.
-Don't trust your military (police and guns) so readily when a crisis comes - the ppl run away and the only ppl left are the police.
I heart the submissive ape-keeper who worked with Tom Felton.

I watched "Real Steel" the next night, I like this movie more...than any other advertised movie.
It had sentimental value, a "feel good movie".
Betting on robot fights (I wouldn't deal with betting in any other aspect of my life)
The dad taking care of his 11-yr old son for the first time after his ex-wife died. His son looked up to his father (what Americans all need - fathers)
Irony - It's past 2016 but yet they drive an old rusty truck from the south.
Well, a shiny new Volkswagon would ruin the beautiful contrast with the robot in the trunk.
The "corny acting" made me laugh. They're so talented that they make it look easy and natural. The "bad guy" cowboy screamed "Home Boy" at the black man.
For both movies, I thought "This movie is gonna be boring. Ok, what is the movie trying to tell me? Then in the middle I have to keep watching and cannot leave my seat. The climaxes are the best part and I got a lil' teary eyed.

Me gusta ir al cine.

Q: After the last fight In "Real Steel" The dad said, "I have to tell you something" and the son, Max, said, "Don't worry, dad, I know." What was the secret that his dad was going to tell him?