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The LBT Adventure

Leanux Trafton
Community Member
All Worked Out
Man, what the holidays will do for you. I am most appreciative to every little moment and miracle that was made possible during these two months. Plenty of things were made possible and plenty more are in the works. Here's what's going on in our lives:

First off, Christmas was most generous to Bo and I. It was our first real Christmas (I never bothered celebrating it because I was usually alone and doing other things) and to be able to celebrate it with whom we did made it a year I will never forget. I've never seen Bo so happy and full of life before! A quick "thank you" to all of you whom sent gifts and good wishes to our little family. I hope your holidays were as joyful as ours were.
During these holiday times I've been taking advantage of everyone's good moods and have been asking around for a job. Now that Bo's my real son, I need to be a serious provider. Yes, that's right, he's officially my son - the paperwork is done and filed (My parents are most pleased to hear this; mom's still skeptical).
Bo will be home-schooled. I'm too afraid and nervous to take him to a public school, at least right now I am. I can't stand the possibility that the other children and even teachers may treat him differently or pick on him. In order for all this to happen, I'm in need of a babysitter which Acid has been a doll to volunteer for so that I can go away and work.
I've recently been hired to work at a loading dock. Taking advantage of my size, strength and knowledge of docks (seeing as I own a ship and have traveled a lot), I had the idea to look near the water for a job. My idea pulled through for me and I'm now unloading the cargo from trucks and reloading it onto boats for money. I'm starting off slow for Bo's sake with a workload of 3 days a week, 2 full days and 1 half. As he gets used to this schedule, I'll be able to take on more and make some better green. In the meantime I'll be teaching him all sorts of things - Math, Social Studies, English, how to fly his UFO -- I mean... and etc, as well as some extras that I will not speak of.
Moving on, life is looking up. New life, old girl. That's right, this alien is no longer single. Ms. Mina and I have been talking and have recently decided to be a couple again. Life just ain't the same without that lady and with that in mind I put my big boy pants on and made a few moves. Go ahead and talk to her, befriend her and whatnot but just keep in mind - that's MY girl.


** I would like to thank Myin for her Secret Santa thread. Through that thread I was able to make an already amazing Christmas even more memorable. I hope my Secret Santa enjoyed his gift and that my Secret Santa knows I enjoy mine immensely.

** A thank you goes out to the awesome Houkito for her Christmas Ball Event! It was the bomb; if you weren't there then you missed out on something amazing. They had a Santa and everything! Maji was currently sitting on Santa in that picture and I'm at the very end of the line, just in front of Acid. A quick thank you to PBJ who was my date and one to Santa who gave me a shuriken after I asked him for... another pirate outfit.

** Again, thank you to those of you whom wished me a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and sent me gifts. I wasn't expecting so much, especially with this being my first WG Christmas. I hope you all like the gifts I've sent as much as I enjoy the ones I've received. You guys rock!

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry - there was a lot going on! I did my best to remember all the events and their whereabouts.

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