Age: Unknown
Height: Five Feet Eleven Inches
Weight: One hundred and thirty five pounds

Personality: When she isn't on the hunt she is Uncaring, cold, heartless, silent, rude in a polite way, Irritatingly mocking, and relaxed. When she is on the hunt or in a good mood she is playful, sweet, sensual, alluring and flirtatious. Most of the time though you can never really tell what she is thinking.

Appearance:Standing five feet eleven inches she has flawless pure white skin with no hint of color to it. A heart shaped face with bundles of curls that reach more then half way down her back. Almond shaped eyes with long lashes that are long enough to curl up to touch her eye brows which are perfectly arched over bottomless jet black eyes that reflect no image of what she happens to be looking at. Horns that twist and curl at her head, the jet black sheen color fading into a dried blood red at the tips. A well sized bust, Perhaps the biggest C cup with a slender waist though not flat, holding curves that draw eyes. A perfectly curved rear end, and long straight legs. Both her arms and legs muscled well enough to hold her ground.

Background: To be continued...