Everyone's running around like mad hens that Gio's gone. I don't get it. He's probably taking a holiday... even though he didn't tell anyone where he was going... or how long he was going to be.

But I don't see why everyone's in shambles over it all. Lily went running around the school looking for him, screaming her head off. Yes, we're all going to miss the little toad, and he didn't exactly tell us that he was going... but he did make his bed. That's enough sign that he left the school for a bit, right?

Maybe he went back home. Maybe he was pondsick. You know, like homesick for frogs. He did tell me he had an extremely large family, so I wouldn't be surprised that he went home because he wasn't use to being around other people for so long. And he probably needs his mummy to look at all the wounds he received over his time here.

But he'll be back eventually. I know it. Anyway, he can't get away from his second second year of school! I'm in the same year now! You can't hide, Gio. You have to be in my classes now!