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Zeta Epsilon Kappa Epsilon
This is my journal. What? You want to know somethin'? You know, if I told you, I'd probably have to kill you... Hah! I'm only jokin'! ... Or am I...? Nah, it's cool, you'll be fine.
Star Wars Details
Sith Cult

-Lambda Class T4a Shuttle (Inquisitor Shuttles)
-Sentinel Class Landing Shuttle (Royal Shuttle)
-StarViper Class Attack Platform (Praetorian Escort Starfighter)

Sith Praetorian Armor
(Far Right)
Based off of older Mandalorian Shock Trooper designs, and colored in the cults traditional colors of matte silver and are painted in black ash in the design of Sith tattoos before battle.

Sith Cultist Robes
Sith Cultist Armored Sleeve/Gorget/Boots Reference
Featureless hooded mask, which fully encloses the face. Two straps cross the face parallel to one another about two inches apart and clip to the mask on the sides of the face. Mask Reference
In following of Sith traditions they wear loose, comfortable robes in black that are absent in any form of glamor or flash that fall . Over these they wear long, sleeveless white tabards, which prominently display the cult emblem on both the chest and the back in red, and are cinched at the waist with a red sash.
Their traditional armor is created through ancient Sith alchemies, making them more resilient to damage then most modern armors, though still inferior in design to Mandalorian iron. The cult uniform bears little in the way of armor beyond armored knee-length boots, articulated spaulders, full bracers, and a gorget. The armor is colored a charred black, and is marked in crimson paint by each individual Sith.
Over their robes, armor, and tabards the Sith cultists wear a hefty, dark grey greatcoat crafted from armorweave. The coat is designed with a jaw length collar. Both the collar and the cuffs are trimmed with white fur. The thick coat reaches mid-way down the foreleg and his held shut at the waist by a wide fur-trimmed belt belt with a thick metal buckle. Traditionally, the coat is worn open, so that the tabard, robe, and armor are visible underneath.

Led by a 'Patriarch' or 'Matriarch' of the same bloodline for generations, under the ancient title of 'Jen'ari'. All cultists are named after constellations and most are titled 'Jen'jidai''.

The cult's assassins tend to carry the lightsabers of Jedi they have defeated as trophies on their sashes.

Ancient Sith Holocron containing the formula to detect the Galaxy's most vital shatterpoint at any given period in time-down to the inch and the minute. Surgically hidden inside Ras Algethi's chest cavity.

Jen'ari Ras Algethi-Current Matriarch
Jen'jidai Antares-Mars Reising
Jen'jidai Aldebaran-Deceased, Mars' former Love Interest
Jen'jidai Fomalhaut-Matriarch's Bodyguard Head of the Praetorian
Jen'jidai Spica-Matriarch's Handmaiden, Head of the Inquisition
Jen'jidai Regulus-Deceased, father of the current Matriarch who attempted to claim power after the Patriarch (His father.) was killed by Jen'jidai Antares.

Cult follows a very structured breeding system for creating some of their more deadly soldiers, the Praetorians whom all carry Mandalorian genes, and numerous creatures created through evil alchemies. The cult still possesses a Chrysalide beast-mutated from the beloved pet Rancor of Jen'jidai Aldebaran.

Zeke Ren
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