Random thoughts of 12/28/2011
emotion_awesome if its a baby is born on march 1st of a leap year, is his birthday really march first or febuary 29th?
emotion_awesome Where is Mr. Clean's other earring?
emotion_awesome How many licks does it take to finish a candy cane?
emotion_awesome How did the pineapple get it's name?
emotion_awesome What if i were batman?
emotion_awesome What was a tiger doing in the same forest as a bear? Also, Why the hell was there a lion in the forest?
emotion_awesome Was there more animals than pooh and his friends in the 100 acre woods?
emotion_awesome Why is the plural for human humen?
emotion_awesome How old is barbie supposed to be?
emotion_awesome What year do the Jetson's live in?
emotion_awesome What did aquaman do?
emotion_awesome I wish my gnome collection would come alive and clean my room.
emotion_awesome If a vegan is allergic to latex would he use a lambskin condom? o3o
emotion_awesome How long would someone survive on apples...