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Herp Derp my OCs
Some of this isn't very complete so sue me
this is mostly for my reference when I'm away from my computer anyway
and we all take a moment and to mock my OCs for being supa lame/weird


Demon OCs
Konan Tatsuhiko
Physical: Female, demon, red tail, ??? years old, "blind" in left eye (there is litterally no eye there), other eye is blue, brown updoed hair, sharp teeth (though not filed to a point and are rather dulled), walks with a limp, a small demon centipede named Henry lives in her blind eye socket, smokes (a lot)

Psychological: Perfectionist, stubborn, feisty, dominant, known to be very serious and outwardly pretty cold (this often leads to Henry teasing her), she is inwardly very kind and does all she can to be the best doctor possible

History: Works as a doctor on Earth (with her associate demon belonging to the family), she tore out her own eye as proof to her father how determined she was to become a doctor who helps humans and demons alike (it's considered a social taboo for someone of her high social rank to mingle with or worse help humans), [as such] she isn't really that close to her family, has a brother named Kannon (who she usually only sees when he wants something), she's currently fixing up and sleeping with a demon named Ravid (it's unknown if she actually does have feelings for him), not much else is known

Attire: Wears a patch over her blind eye, usually very businesslike (wearing pants and waistcoats) but very ladylike at social events

User Image

Physical: Female, demon, seems to be young (at least in appearence), striped horns, claws (think about at a later date), short bobbed black hair, blue eyes

Psychological: spunky, outgoing, friendly, obediant to her master (Konan)

History: Her race has always belonged to the Tatsuhiko family, she was specifically picked out by Konan to work under her as her associate (it was said she was picked out because she had the same color eyes as Konan), she helps out where she can and will defend her master (who is more than good to her), on her off-time she loves to sing at karaoke bars

Attire: Loves anything that's blue, frequently wears make-up, her dress style alternates between casual and businesslike depending on where she's expected to be, prefers wearing skirts to pants

User Image

Kannon Tatsuhiko
Physical: Male, demon, red tail, ??? years old, grey eyes, brown hair (mildly spiked and styled), sharp teeth, smokes

Psychological: straight to the point, persuasive (not against using his looks to get what he wants), enjoys playfully teasing Alexander from time to time

History: Travels around with his associate demon (they belong to the family), has a sister named Konan, not much else is known

Attire: His favorite striped dress pants, a nice coat jacket of some kind, glasses (though he's never let on about whether he wears them for his vision or for style)

User Image

Physical: Male, demon, seems to be young (at least in appearence), striped horns, claws (think about later), short bobbed white hair, black eyes

Psychological: very shy, quiet, very obedient to his master (Kannon)

History: His race has always belonged to the Tatsuhiko family, he was specifically picked out by Kannon to work under him as his associate (Kannon picked him in the same way his sister did because the method made him laugh), his master depends on him for menial tasks and busywork as well as defence, loves to read

Attire: He usually wears whatever his master gives him

User Image

Ravid Stolz
Physical: male, demon, black tail, ??? years old, golden blonde short hair, baby blue eyes, has an ever bleeding wound on his chest (due to a curse that was put on him), smokes (though not as much as Konan does)

Psychological: Pompous, secretive, submissive (only with Konan), good at putting on different personas/masks (his usual mask is very happy go lucky), a bit of a jokester

History: His job seems to change every time he comes to visit, known to be a wanderer (probably off looking into a way of fixing his curse) but always returns to Konan (who he's currently sleeping with) as she knows how to keep his wound from killing him (though he is also in love with her but he's good at playing it off)

Attire: Anything red, his style seems to change whenever his job does

User Image


Pengaana (Pen)
Physical: Female, bird-like tengu, white feathered, small white wings, 13 years old (tengu years), black eyes,

Psychological: Mischievous, good-hearted, obsession with frilly/lacy things to the point of distraction, lawful neutral, will always go out of her way to help the weak, does have a slight ego, is terribly seasick

History: Born in one of the mountain regions of the Jade Regent, since she had unique plumage for a tengu she grew up rather self-entitled and obtained a rather large ego, in order to humble her her parents gave her over to a monastery hoping a monk's way of life would humble her, she eventually got bored of the monastery and ran away to Sandpoint where she began her adventuring. Throughout her adventuring she become a member of the Pathfinder Society, also works as a need-be street entertainer

Attire: Fancy short lolita kimonos (Non-Pathfinder: short dresses, skirts, leg warmers, and just about anything she thinks looks cute)

Likes: Adventure, being a hero, shiny things, pretty clothes, veggie soup, being close to the sky, the feel of wind in her face and rocky terrain on her talons (it reminds her of home)
Dislikes: Ships (due to her seasickness), bullies, having to sell something from her "hoard" of collectables, cats

User Image


Magical Swimming Boy RP (Me, Panda, and Lacy's RP)

Toma Sherwood

Physical: male, powder blue eyes, short choppy brown hair, wears glasses (far-sighted), 16 (junior)

Psychological: gender fluid (pronoun: they/their/theirs), outwardly seems distant, spacey (a day dreamer), doesn't consider gender to be a big deal, quiet, polite (for the most part), sarcastic/snarky when they lose their temper or to get on someone's nerves, mostly only truly smiles around Milo, romantic passes tend go over their head as they have no experience with people asking them or being in love themselves

Likes: Reading (mostly josei manga: The Twin Souls, Doll Star, Drug-on, My Heart is Beating, Sadness of the Heart), Homestuck, the smell of pools, video games (indie bordering on psychological, Yume Nikki, some shared interests with Milo), ambient music
Dislikes: People who can't accept those that are different, people who don't like to follow the rules (rebellious types)

History: A friend of Milo's, the two enjoy talking about various video games, the two share many inside jokes, hangs around with Luca Royale the music teacher who they go to for various life counseling and recommendations on ambient music, dreams of learning how to lucid dream

Attire: Mostly gender neutral, layered shirts, sweaters, sneakers, boots, has a white book bag, always a golden hair clip in their hair, yellow framed large round glasses

User Image

Milo Wagner

Physical: male, orange/red hair, brown eyes, freckles, 16 (junior)

Psychological: always smiling, always gets super excited about the things he's passionate about (to the point of referencing them constantly), likes to think of himself as a hero type

Likes: Video games (RPGmaker/indie, OFF, action oriented), baseball, being active/outside
Dislikes: Depressing moments (especially in games) likes to pretend they don't exist or play them off like they're no big deal, bigger people picking on the smaller folk

History: A friend of Toma's (if he ever met Blaise I know they'd be fast friends too), on the baseball team, dreams of becoming a hero or making in difference in people's lives

Attire: sweaters, jackets, scarves, big leather boots, nice blazers, his baseball jersey
User Image


Major RP OCs (Panda and mine's RP)
Clure Lemming

Physical: Male, 17 years old (senior), 5' 4", long brown hair tied back in a ponytail while sides sort of flip out (think Urotsuki from Yume 2kki), green eyes, currently his left arm is in a cast (between his elbow and his wrist)

Psychological: generally friendly to everyone but socially awkward, believes everyone has good in them, slightly clumsy, terrible cook, good at school, likes school, favorite color is sea-green, likes classical music, likes to read (fantasy books), 1/8 Italian on his mother's side, loves Italian food, loves the sounds of birds in the morning, has a split personality who is rather calm but apathetic, he blames himself for everything that goes wrong often going into mass hysteria but hides it very well, heavy sleeper, virgin

History: Father was killed in an accident when Clure was in elementary school which Clure blames himself for, went into a coma for a few days in which his other half was created, mother works as a secretary all the time to make ends meet, has been best friends with Yua since the two were young, began dating Kadin, jumped from the school roof (as part of a suicide attempt) and broke his left arm, has found himself awkwardly in love with Kadin and not knowing how to handle it

Attire: very plain, T-shirts, jeans, short sleeved jackets

User Image

Clure (other self)

Physical: Same as Clure (minus the cast)

Psychological: largely apathetic, cares for Clure and puts his happiness first, overly blunt (which makes him come off as rude), strong willed, doesn't take sh*t from anybody, can act like Clure to a T, a good listener

User Image

Noriki Mathers

Physical: Male, 32 years old, 6'5", average build, raven black short hair, wears black framed glasses (nearsighted), grey eyes

Psychological: homosexual, very sadistic in his advances, a sincere lover, cool and casual under most circumstances, a good cook, hates mold and a dirty house, loves coffee and coffee flavored things, afraid of being alone, doesn't like being called old

ect: didn't know how to dance previous to meeting Fai, didn't cook previous to Wrue, owns a Harley-Davidson Softail with a granite blue pearl frame which he hand customized, favorite color is blue, lives in a two story house with a hot tub on the back porch

History: Both of his parents died in a fire when he was 6, only him and his older sister (who was elsewhere at the time) survived, both got passed from relative to relative making Noriki resentful of everyone but his sister who always stuck by him, has gone through at least 15 different lovers, all ended horribly by the other wanting to leave and Noriki injuring them in attempts to make them stay, his first lover (Cruz) went into a 10 year coma and recently died, his last lover was Wrue, has a heart malfunction where blood accumulates in his lungs due to a non-working valve, takes medication to prevent build-up of blood, currently lovers with Fai

Attire: Very business-like, navy blue suits, waistcoats, vests, suit jackets, trousers, turtle neck sweaters, dark rimmed glasses, owns a brown leather jacket with a fur collar for his motorcycle

User Image

April Verselis

Physical: Female, 16 years old (sophomore), 6'3", skinny, dark brown short/choppy hair, lime green eyes, smaller breasts (B cup)

Psychological: Has a strong sense of justice (wants to be just like her hero Bang Shishigami), kind and accepting, wants everyone to have a good time, often stubborn, her nativity often leaves to her getting flustered over relationship issues (varies with with boyfriend; blushes a lot around Ewen at first and he likes to tease her about this which she usually hits him for; ends up crying around Blaise at first which causes him to comfort her), always takes a lead role in sex, once she knows what she's doing she can become fiesty due to her repressed sexuality influencing her eagerness and curiosity

Likes: Video games (fighting-Blazblue is her favorite), cuddling, piggyback rides, riding on people's shoulders (despite her tall stature), finger food, doing what is right, customizing her clothes
Dislikes: Manipulative/bad/unrepentant people, bullies, gossip, liquor

ect: keeps a messy room, known to jump onto people unexpectidly, afraid of being weak or that her weakness will drive people away from her and not being able to do anything

Family: Mother and Father (deceased), Uncle (Noriki-likes to call him Niki)

History: Both parents died in a car crash, despises her aunts (on her father's side) because they're uncaring gossiping people, lives a long way and took a trip to ask Noriki to take custody of her, starts up the school's video game club, always getting in the way of Ewen bullying people, hooks up with Blaise after Blaise's sister gets them together, [Alternate timeline] eventually ends up going out with Ewen

Attire: Very artsy, blue overalls with two undershirts (one short sleeved one very long sleeved), long dress with undershirt, belt full of knick-knacks, white headband, scarves on arms and legs, colorful patches on pants, embroidered jeans, colorful backpack

User Image

Katsu Wescott

Physical: Male, 17 years old (senior), muscular/toned slim build, dark navy hair back length always pulled back, stray strands around his face giving it a messy appearance, baby blue eyes [looks like he came out of a SAKIRA manga], a little more then head taller then Ace 5'9"

Psychological: homosexual, head over heels in love with Ace, cheerful and kinda shy and dorky when at school however completely different and serious when it comes to sex, prefers being on the bottom but can be on top if prompted to, very skilled with his tongue, fear of pools

History: Captain of the soccer team, loves to make bentos, comes from a rich family, parents are always gone away on business, mother is a model and father is a film director, he's been in love with Ace every since he saw him (which was a year ago), almost drown in a pool almost 3 years ago and was saved by a boy younger then him and ever since then has had a fondness for younger men, always being hit on by Blaise and therefore tries to avoid him as much as he can, has practiced techniques to control his breathing during sex as well as preparing his body for his future lover, gets together with Ace or Blaise depending on route

Attire: sporty clothes, his #10 jersey, capris, loose shorts, T-shirts

User Image

Blaise Wilde

Physical: male, 17 years old (senior), 6'3", muscular build, short/choppy brown hair, hazel eyes

Psychological: tends to come off as smug and dominating (due to his size and being unsociable), seems to not care what other people think (act aloof), never wants to worry anyone so he keeps his emotions bottled up, actually kind of a sweetheart who puts on a tough guy act to impress Katsu, only opens up to others when playing video games, shows absolute dedication and support to who whoever he's with (incredibly loyal), easily freaks out with things he's inexperienced in (even if it doesn't openly look like it), very apologetic, due to the bottling of his feelings they usually come out in large bursts of intense emotion when something finally triggers them, family matters a lot to him (especially his sister)

Likes: Video games (horror/scary, fighting), soccer, being active/outside
Dislikes: being hungover, being unprepared, seeing people cry/in pain

Family: Father (saleryman), mother (teacher), sister (Charlotte-12)

History: member of the soccer team, huge infatuation with Katsu and has been shot down a dozen times, virgin/inexperienced, lives a very normal life in his family's house, doesn't have any people he can really call his friends, get's together with April when his sister sets him up on a date after being depressed over Katsu getting together with Ace, [Alternate timeline] hooks up with Katsu after Katsu spirals into a depression from being dumped by Ace

Attire: Casual, shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, pants

User Image

Luke Irving

Physical: Male, 16 years old (Junior), average size and build, short brown hair that fades to teal and poofs out at the edges (think Usotsuki from Yume Nisshi), greenish teal eyes, claw-mark scars on both shoulders, occasional finger-shaped bruising on his neck/hips

Psychological: Friendly, cheerful, loves to make people laugh, loves to act, very good at masking his true feelings and acting tough, has a high tolerance for pain (mainly in part to Hector's tortures), the tealy color of his eyes is his favorite color

History: Acting since he was really young, has an abusive boyfriend [Hector] who he's been with for 3 months, fell in love with the illusion of a sweet boyfriend Hector portrayed and as been chasing that ever since hoping it'll come back, get's together with Adair who promises to protect him from Hector

Attire: basic jeans, t-shirts, turtleneck sweaters, vests

User Image


Minor RP OCs (Panda and mine's RP)
Hector Cromwell

Physical: male, 17 years old (Junior), long floofy strawberry blonde hair always pulled back, jade eyes, wears glasses

Psychological: Very outwardly friendly/gentlemanly but inwardly incredibly cruel, tends to act smug, sadist, bisexual, overly controlling and possessive of Luke, gets extremely jealous/angry when Luke goes beyond his reach, quick to temper, has severe trust and separation issues

History: Comes from a highly esteemed family, was taught about his body and pleasuring it from his older brother [when he was 13], was taken advantage of by his older brother on a semi-frequent basis [when he was 15] and prostituted out by his brother, his brother once told him something that soon became his motto: "Become the hunter before you become and hunted", his brother left him [when he was 16] and is presumed dead, approached Luke 3 months ago on a summer vacation and whooed him into becoming his boyfriend, was very compassionate at first and then suddenly became incredibly selfish and cruel, puts Luke through all kinds of bodily torture to assure that he'll never leave him and is incredibly unwilling to give him up

Attire: Button up shirts, vests, ties, and trousers

User Image

Loreto Paride

Physical: Biologically male but has breasts (A cup) due to an Endocrine disorder, 18 years old (senior), wavy silky bright blue hair (wig) mostly worn up, short choppy brown hair (real hair), slim and pale skinned, amber eyes, voice is gender neutral

Psychological: masquerades as a woman but considers himself male (but might be genderfluid), loves men, flirtatious, alcoholic, very spoiled

History: raped by his father when he was younger who was killed by his mother, comes from a rich family, kills all guys who find out his secret, him and his mother move a lot because of him, [Alternate timeline] after hitting on Adair and getting rejected he spirals into a depression, always seems to be bumping into Adair afterwards unconsciously taking advantage of his kind attitude, is eventually found out by Adair and the two become lovers, decides from then on not to masquerade as a woman

Attire: Dresses, halters, tops that show off his cleavage, tight shorts/leggings underneath all his clothes, always clothes that will mask/hide his male parts, chokers and collars to hide his adam's apple [Alternate timeline-after hooking up with Adair] dress shirts, vests, loose-fitting dress sweaters, pants, breasts are bound

Luca Royale

Physical: male, 40 years old, faded gray-brown short hair, deep blue eyes, wears brown framed glasses (nearsighted), average build, 6'2", [wow very handsome much sexy yes oyaji so desirable]

Psychological: asexual, sweet, cheery, loves to analyze people, has a "nothing is impossible" attitude, always one to take the lead in situations

History: High school's music teacher and director of the school plays, loves detective novels and vocaloid music, use to work as a storm chaser in his youth but after the death of his partner to a storm he decided to go into a more laid back teaching position (he still keeps his partner's ring though), can't cook (eats a lot of microwavable meals)

Attire: Jackets, vests (red/brown/black), suits, slacks (black/brown/white)

User Image

Yua Winters

Physical: Male, 17 years old (senior), slightly shorter then Clure (5'3" wink , mid back length silver hair, golden amber eyes (like a tiger)

Psychological: homosexual, a really nice guy but often leery of anyone who may be bothering those he cares about, loves cooking for those he cares for

History: Comes from a broken home where his parents fight all the time and will sometimes abuse him, has a younger sister (13 years old) who's the baby of the family and has turned into a spoiled brat because of it, has been Clure's friend since the two were young, lovers with the school's history teacher Wrue

Attire: long sleeved shirts that show midriff, long baggy jeans, hat with white cat ears on top

User Image

Wrue Blakemore

Physical: Male, 26 years old, baby pink hair slightly longer then shoulder length, red eyes, left eye is gone (wears eye patch), wears his hair up sometimes

Psychological: homosexual, icy/cold exterior persona but very warm and kind to his lover, extreme phobia/resentment towards woman, phobia of guns (sight, sound, smell of gunpowder), hopeless in the kitchen

History: Often made fun of by guys and girls when he was younger for his hair color, he only had one friend growing up who he fell in love with, his mother was extremely over-possessive of him since his father died, in high school him and his lover were going to run away, when his mother found out and tracked them down he shot his lover, when his mother got close enough he turned the gun towards her and shot her with no remorse, became a teacher in his lover's stead who dreamed of becoming one, is the current history teacher, was lovers with Noriki for a year and a half, ended in him losing his eye to a pair of scissors, is now lovers with Yua who is one of his students and feels a deep responsibility to protecting him

Attire: a suit while at school, an eye patch, a locket (almost always unnoticeable and under his shirt) that was given to him by Yua

User Image

Ewen Ghysels

Physical: Male, 18 years old (senior), 5' 5", muscular but slim build, short fiery crimson hair, brown eyes that change to orange when excited, tattoo of a flame on his right hip that trails down to the inside of his thigh

Psychological: has a superiority complex, never backs down to a challenge, turns out to have a fetish for being abused/talked down to (secret masochist) but as it turn out only in regards to April

History: Captain of the archery club, after becoming jealous of Clure's ability he attempts to rape him only to be stopped by April who kicks into justice mode and beats him up, every attempt he makes to dominate Clure leads to April kicking his ass, to the point where he finds himself getting off to it, eventually asks April out, begins working out more to impress April

Attire: casual clothes, rarely wears shorts

Charlotte Wilde

Physical: female, 12 years old, 7th grade, small petite, long brown hair put into usually curled pigtails, green eyes

Psychological: Known to be a little strange and macabre, blunt, protective of her older brother

History: Blaise's little sister, loves watching her brother play horror games, her brother is her best friend, responsible to getting April and her brother together


Physical: Female, 15 years old (sophomore), hot pink hair, blue eyes, always smiling

Psychological: bright, cheery, full of spunk, very likeable

History: student council president, best friends with Kiya, in love with Artimus, aware of Kadin and Clure's relationship and tries to help the two get together, eventually asks Artimus out to the dance and become a couple after he reciprocates her feelings

Attire: wears a lot of pink, sleeveless top, skirt past her knees

User Image


Physical: Female, 17 years old (junior), short gray hair, hazel eyes

Psychological: shy, kind

History: student council vice president, best friends with Kekoco, infatuated with Yua but too shy to talk to him

Attire: plain blue jeans, short sleeved baby doll tops

User Image


Physical: Male, 17 years old (junior), blue eyes, long white hair, not very fit, slender feminine build

Psychological: shy, quiet, often spaces out, hates gym class,

History: Fell in love with a senior boy a year ago who already had a lover and played with his heart, breaking it when he transferred schools, has been in a daze ever since, eventually asked out my Kekoco and reciprocates her feelings


User Image

[Clure's mom]

average height, works as a secretary, medium length brown hair tied loosely in a ponytail that hangs over her shoulder, sweet and kindly expression, widowed


Bonus OCs - Pathfinder OCs

Noa: Jade Regent Campaign - Samurai Hengeyokai

User Image

Julia - Oneshot - Brawler human

User Image

Aribeth Fizz - Oneshot - Engineer hedgehog

User Image

[NOT TECHNICALLY AN OC] Joshua Hamilton Pathfinder AU version - 6th King Mts Campaign - Paladin human

User Image

[NOT TECHNICALLY AN OC] Lloyd Lombrozo Pathfinder AU version - N/A - Bard human

User Image


Bonus OCs - Craving [very old story] OCs

Artimus - MC - Prince of an angelic race that gets caught up with Semmate

User Image

Semmate - MC 2 - King of a demonic race left cold after the murder of his lover by the hands of his father
*Third avatar comes from an modern day AU

User Image

Nicolai - Semmate's murdered lover
*Third avatar comes from an modern day AU

User Image

Malbire - a powerful and flirty mage

User Image
Modern day AU

User Image

Kalain - the high angelic guard to Artimus; later becomes the vessel to a demon

User Image
Modern day AU

User Image

Malbire's Father - an immensely powerful mage only after power at any cost
*Second image from a modern day AU

User Image


Bonus OCs - Misc

Karina Pearl and Matheo - Girl obsessed with ghosts falls in love with an invisible demon escaping his father

User Image

Isra and Diya - Hitman demon protects shapeshifting demon (who pretends to be her missing tail)

User Image

Hasuna - Ex-lover of Isra, also a hitman and is currently after Diya; uses electricity

User Image

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