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A Rotting Eden
300 years after the Apocalypse came and went, the survivors join wandering gangs called Tribes in a bid for survival in a world without nations. This is the story of one man's struggle in one of the last remaining cities on Earth.
Under New Management
        The internal conflict in Gang Green had gone from a well-guarded secret to an openly acknowledged fact. Gang Green had quite a sizable female representation on the tribe: the ratio was perhaps 70:30 in favor of females, and the bitter grumbling about how the workload was divided didn't stay as bitter grumbling for long. Even before Tommy Relish inherited the title, Gang Green's resources were divided among several groups of people according to their specialty and skill levels in order to keep the Tribe productive and able to feed its many mouths. More often than not, though, the men were sent to hunt and forage while the women were kept back at the base to tend fields, to clean the base, to cook, to wash clothes. Those social roles that should've been obliterated with the collapse of civilization as a whole somehow remained intact. Men were the providers, and women were supposed to keep the household. At least, this is how it was still enforced in Gang Green, and there were many women who took umbrage to that sort of thinking.

Tommy Relish was a likable guy. This fact was probably the only reason why the planned coup to usurp his position was meant to be bloodless. Tommy Relish had no desire to use excessive against the women who chose to put the Tribe under new management. Besides, he thought fondly of Drez, Iken Rat-A-Tat Kat and Mega Hurts. They were good people. Responsible, orderly, with good work ethic and a strong sense of loyalty. They were very popular among their fellow Tribesmen, and punishing them either by expulsion or execution would likely lead to a bigger uprising. But a Tribe as large as Gang Green survived on a very delicate balance between force and respect. Tommy Relish had the respect of his Tribesmen. Drez, Ike and the others had the force. So what was there to do?

The answer was both simple and complex. Gang Green became the first functioning Republic since the collapse of civilization. Tommy Relish was still the number one shot-caller of the Tribe, but instead of micro-managing every aspect of such a large Tribe, the workload was divided among Drez, Ike, Rat-A-Tat Kat and Mega Hurts. With the workload divided, it was theorized, issues could be resolved far more smoothly. Minor scuffs and disputes could be settled within the specific jurisdiction of each member, lessening the workload for Tommy and giving the women the recognition they so desired in a Tribe where they were the majority. When all was said and done, Drez was in charge of housing. Any and all issues revolving around where you lay your head at night and who you're sharing your bunk with had to go through her. Ike took over agriculture. She decided what would be planted, where it would be planted, and when crop rotation would occur. Rat-A-Tat Kat was in charge of maintenance, which included not only in making sure all of their tools, equipment and weapons were fit for use, but also that the bathrooms were clean, laundry was washed, and rooms were kept orderly to minimize damage due to natural wear and tear. Finally, Mega Hurts was in charge of the Search Parties. These were groups that went out to forage or hunt for food in small groups, usually outside of the city limits. This left Tommy Relish in the head position of managing food distribution both for the Tribe and citizens as a whole, managing deals and exchanges with the other members of the Big Four, and scheduling for all Tribe members. All in all, Tribe management had been efficiently streamlined. The only major difference at the end was that the decision to either let in or eject a member didn't rest on Tommy Relish alone. Now, that decision was made by a majority 3 to 2 vote.

For the first time in decades, Golgotha had something of a functioning government running within its own city limits. It was too bad no one but Tribe members would be able to see it.

Bleeding Apocalypse
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    ashfasjkdhfs You're still using Tommy Relish~ >W<

    comment CherryBerryJuju · Community Member · Sun Jan 01, 2012 @ 03:11pm
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