Nice day. Went with Courtnie shopping for a bit. Got her a guinea pig. Got Kai. Got Erik. Al's pizza. Erik's. Home. Orlando. Ping Pong. Lap Top. Sleep.

Overall, okies/nice day.


Wake up. Computer. Ham. Computer. Wait. Family. Food. Ping Pong. Little Gaysians. Cousins. More Cousins. Chill. Presents. Gainesville. Dog. Bites. Hard. Presents. Home.

Nice day, all the family that I lieked was there, the ones that weren't were not there, very nice. I got 2 scarves, 20$, candle, 2 pairs of headphones, 15$ gift card to Forever 21, long sleeved blue and black shirt from old navy, pink sweat shirt and chocolate covered pretzels.


Wake up. Church. Dim Sum. Home. Kai's. Erik's. Kai's. Wal-mart. Home.

For the most part, this was a nice day. Haha, lame as it is, I got to spend it with Kai, which made me very happy. Retard got himself basically grounded so harder to see him, sleep with him and get cuddles. Sadface forreals. Got to see Courtnie. It is always nice seeing her. =) She got me play dough, a Mugatu shirt and an 8 bit bow tie. Kai got me stickers and a starry night pair of socks. Ah, love these kids. Walking around Wal-Mart was nice, when we, Kai and I, got into the car, we huggled for awhile, haha, lame as it is, I really wish we could have cuddled longer because it was nice.

Side-note, Erik? Yeahh, I don't think much of him legit and I am sure vice versa. Sorry, Courtnie. I know you love him and what not, but it's whatever. I am sad to say, but if things keep going on like this, I doubt we'll talk/be friends for the next year or two to come.