Merry Christmas everyone!

Five days after the first new moon following the winter solace druids would cut mistletoe with a golden sickle from a special oak tree. They would catch it before it hits the ground and distribute it to people to hang over their doors. It was thought to protect against evil in the coming year. Celtics also believed that mistletoe would help defeat enemies and bring about peace.

Mistletoe was also hung from a baby's cradle to protect it from being stolen from fairies. It was also thought to promote dreams that lock the secret of immortality. Enemies meeting under a mistletoe are suppose to throw down their weapons. Some say we kiss under the mistletoe is because it is said to cure a broken heart and sooth a quarrel between lovers. It was also a sign of fertility. The man is suppose to present one of the berries from the sprig from which him and a partner kiss under. one the berries are gone it is bad luck to kiss under that sprig.