'Twas the day of Christmas Eve, and the family was a-stirring.
What was left of it, at least, unless Yuni's math was erring.
She was never quite good at that, sighs Kai.
And the Old Bird watches as Yuni claims that cake is a lie.
And Kai mentions that the narrator is getting off topic.
So let me get on with this small Christmas epic.

Ahem. 'Twas the day of Christmas Eve, and the tavern was decorated for Santa Claus.
The tree was standing strong with its glistening tinsel, candy canes and colorful balls.
Kai and Claire had made sure the kitten of the family hadn't broken them all.
But it was the feline's mission to get them and there was a particularly big ball hanging tall.
Yuni wondered why a shiny thing was up that high in the tree, where her paws couldn’t reach.
She just wanted to give it a hug and a polish… and its eggshell surface she shall breech.

So, being quieter than a mouse and stealthier than a shadow, the kitten pawed across the bar room.
It was dark out which the fire raging in the hearth, casting flickering shadows in the gloom.
Remaining family members were gathered at the counter for hot coco and stew
Her little plan, Yuni believed, no one knew.

But Kai, being Kai, knew everything and liked to be a party-pooper.
And it was always Yuni’s plans that made Kai think, ‘super...
‘Yet another furry plot of the Twit’s that I must prevent from ruining the day.’
The kitten had snuck her way to the Christmas tree before Kai could even say
“What do you think you are doing, little Twit?”
Yuni had already dug her claws into the tree’s trunk and started to climb with her wit.
Seeing that her Charge wouldn’t cooperate, Kai left her sake at the bar.
The Old Bird could see that the kitty had gotten far,
Yet not a Christmas ball had fallen to the ground.
Yuni was a ninja, and always tries to make no sound.
The tree shook and shuddered as the kitten climbed.
Not much farther now, and that shiny egg shell decoration would be mine…
I mean… Yuni’s…

But as Yuni was a ninja, Kai was a gunslinger.
And out came Serpentine Rebellion, Kai’s hand-made partner.
Double-tap, as is the gunslinger’s code to live by.
And down went little kitty, with her whiskers and a squeaky cry.
Down on the ground, Yuni pawed at the broken branch.
She was in trouble, and Kai would probably throw her into the dragon ranch.
Get hit on the head or something, or feel a bullet in her paw.
But feeling something light and red fall on her made her see that it was not that at all.

You see, Kai was a stony little gargoyle every day of the year.
So it was a gift in itself that she didn’t punish the kitten here.
And with her new little red Santa hat covering her eyes
The kitty mewed and scurried about blind with her squealing kitten cries.
The family would look over and smile at the furry fanfare.
Hey who put that support beam there?