"When all else Fails, Turn out the Lights. And Wait..."

Talus waits, just as every night before, his eyes fixed unblinkingly on the cracked glass door that led out to the All-Souls' Woods. His lover had been lost in those same Woods just last month, when the first snows swept in. And Talus' bitterness has faded not at all. The one person he ever truly loved, stolen from him in such a cruel manner! He has a handgun sitting at his side, cocked and ready. Since he lost the one person he cared about, he's been hearing scratching at the glass door, cracked in the abduction/disappearance. He wants to know what's making it, but he isn't brave enough to open the door on his own.

He hears the crust of snow crunching outside, breaking under the weight of footsteps. Talus' left hand drops to the gun, and he's reassured by the solid wall he's leaning against. There's the low sound of some large creature snuffling around outside, and Talus holds his breath as the wood stairs leading to the door creak under the same weight that broke the snow.

The breath of the creature fogs the cracked glass. A wet, black nose that is clearly canine pokes into the ajar door, snuffling, pulling in scents that tell the canine what it needs - or wants - to know.

Talus' eyes narrow, and he lifts the gun, taking aim as the door is inched further open. The young man is stunned by what he sees when the creature finally opens the door. A larger-than-normal, honey-colored wolf with eyes the color of a late summer sky, intensely and dramatically blue. Clear as the perfect mountain lake. Talus' hand begins to shake, and the gun falls from his hand, clattering on the kitchen floor. The wolf pads to him, and he presses himself against the wall, his heart pounding a staccato beat in his chest. He can't breathe, he can't speak or move. The color of those eyes... he knows them, and all their shades.

"Y-you're dead..." he manages to croak, "The Woods claimed you..." He knows, though... He is speaking to his lost lover.