X-Bio: A drug that Varies in the abilites that it gives it's host. Once taken it must be retaken every three years. If not taken within 48 hours of when it is due the host will have a high fever, seizures, vomitting, and then die a painful death. This is usually used on Animals otherwise known as children. Not all children are able to handle the drug. They are what become known as Loonies.


Breeders: Breeders are forced to have childern A.K.A Animals. They are normally Poor people who are taken off the street.

Animals: Childern of the Breeders. At the age of three they forced to take a drug known as X-Bio. They are then trained and used as body guards and soliders.

Loonies: Are incredibly strong but mentally unstable as a side effect the X-Bio drug. They are used for further experiments but there is always the chance that one or two might get away.

Vaults: Their powers and mental capabilites are unlike any other. They are rare in number and most often used to capture Poors, Loonies, and Rebels.

Richies: Poeple who have money. They have the money, influence, and power to help make changes.

The Big Five: The richest people in the world. They make the decisions on how the world will be run. They have all the power.

Middlers: They do the everyday jobs to keep the world going. They are one class above Poors and are better off then poors.

Rebels: They are made up of Richies, Middlers, and poors. They want to change the way the world is run. They believe in making the world equal for everyone.