The sky had a particular beauty at night as the full moon hovers above the ocean. I for one definitely feel the magic as midnight breaks; it courses through my veins making my heart thump and my blood rush with excitement. I watched the ocean wave’s crash against the rocks, while staring over the cliffs edge. I was just finishing up the ritual to recharge my power chanting the words I had a thousand times before. They were the words every elf knew as it was our birthright as permitted by the Aesir. “Un, Ljolsafar Sloven!!” I yelled aloud. It meant bestow our elven gift. I don’t know how many times I’ve said those words, it seems now all we ever do with our gift is war with others. We should be using it to help our race survive, but instead we squander our talents on the domination of our enemies. Our foes the merpeople were said to have betrayed us during the Tri-war. It sickens me to the core the lies they tell, but what can I do other than what I am doing? I've petitioned for our merpeople slaves to be free, but I’m still too young for any of the other council members to take me seriously. Some argue they don't want to lose the free labor, and some say we should just leave them alone. They would never question the judgment of the divine elders though. All I can do now is free those I can, and hope for some luck with the petition. Just then a whimpering sound broke into my thoughts. I turned around to see what it was, and no surprise to me it was my apprentice, Minos dancing in place.
“Boss are we going to be here all day? Cause I really got to use the little elves room.” He whined.
I grit my teeth in frustration that was the thousandth time that addlebrained twit had called me boss this month. “First Minos, I would like to reiterate that for the final time that I AM NOT YOUR BOSS I AM YOUR MASTER!!!!” I paused for a moment trying to calm down. “And second, I told you to go before we left Alheim.”
“But I didn’t have to go then!!!” he protested.
I put my hands on my head rubbing my temples. Apprentices they live ten hundred years and they think they know everything. How could the gods have cursed me with such a fate as this? Why Lord of the Sky? Why? I sighed and walked over to a nearby tree. I really hope there is potential in this boy. Otherwise this migraine would be for nothing. They used to call me Arlen Silveroak the Master of the Storm, now I’m Arlen Master and Babysitter.
"Do you two ever shut up?" a voice came from behind us.
Minos and I each spun around very fast. We tried to look through the shadows to see the eavesdropper. All we saw in the thick forest was a silhouette though. It looked vaguely feminine.
"Who's there? Reveal yourself at once!!" I ordered.
"I'm not so sure we want her to do that boss..." Minos whispered frightened.
"Get ahold of yourself!! Are you a rabbit or an Elvin mage?"
"Technically I'm just an apprentice..."
"Same difference," I yelled back at him. "I charge you again intruder reveal yourself!!"
"Alright, I'm coming out!" the voice came again.
Just as the voice had said they stepped out of the dark forest. To our surprise it was a young human girl. To describe her she was short with long golden brown hair, and very pretty big blue eyes. Her attire consisted of light blue pants, blue boots, and a dark blue leather jacket. The only thing that wasn't blue was her shirt which was an angelic white and a badge of some sort on the lapel of her jacket. The badge was made entirely of gold however i was too far away to see what the symbol on it was. "What are you doing here, how did you find us, and what is your name human?" I asked with authority. "Answer all of those questions in that order and identify yourself now!"
"I am Captain Cecelia of the Neptunian Fleet, I have been following you for hours now, and I have a question for you two." she said this with a smile. Not one that expresses humor, but a dark smile.
I hate it when I get the smartass types. I tell her to tell me in a simple order and she goes backwards with it. I was about to reply when I heard my apprentice sigh. Not out of boredom like usual the tone was different.
"You're very pretty..."
Gods above it is charisma magic. It is the worst kind of magic, yet strangely the most used.
"What is your question pretty lady...?" he continued to ask in his dazed state.
"Well now I have two questions. First, what is wrong with him?"
"Your charisma magic is having an effect on him, since he is only an apprentice he cannot shield his mind from it." I explained. "Wake up you fool!"
"What? What happened, and why does my head hurt?"
Because, I hit you. "No reason. We have an enemy in front of us so stay focused."
"Right focused."
"Okay... My second question is where is my brother?"
"How should we know that?" I replied.
"Oh you know all right, now tell me where he is."
"And if we refuse?" I inquired. My hand was moving to the sword on my hip. Just in case there is a fight.
"I will force you too then." Then without warning a trident appeared in her hand. She showed her skill with it by spinning it in the air, and then striking a tree splitting it in half. "And believe me you don't want that." She warned in a serious tone.
We both drew our swords at that moment then waited for the opportunity to attack. “Well now that we know who and what you are we can’t let you go.”
"No what you are going to do is take me immediately to my brother like I ordered you to do.” She retorted in a calm fashion. “I don’t have time to play games.”
“Who said this was a game?” I questioned gaining confidence again. I thought this would be easy. Guess not.
She sighed. “Very well have it your way then, but don’t you fairies come crying to me when this is over.”
That was the last straw for Minos, for without a word he threw off his black cloak, and charged at her with his blade held high in an overhead attack. We never like being compared to our much weaker kin. As I watched I noticed the girl had no fear whatsoever. Most would have turned fin, and run. Turned fin I laughed quietly at my pun, and then turned my eyes back to the fight. Yelling as loud as he could he continue running toward her. Not backing down the girl held her trident out in front of her to ward off the upcoming assault. Something in her stance told me she was going to win this battle. Maybe it was her lack of fear, or her strong resolve, but I knew she was going to win this fight. She had the look of a soldier. The fight was over before it began. Minos swung the sword in an overhead arch, and the girl swept his feet right out from under him. Before he fell to the ground she preceded to round house kick him into the nearest tree. I know I should have been concerned, but it was just too funny. My apprentice hit the tree head first. Instead of hitting the tree and falling to the ground he instead crashed through the entire thing. Bum hanging straight in the air. Trying not to laugh I asked, “Are you okay Minos?” All that came out was gibberish. Great, more brain damage just what he needed.