I'll keep working on the previous intro. I just wanted to finish the freaking character list already so I can get to writing. That other stupid entry is taking forever. xD

So here's the list.

Cruce Maximilius - Main character and protagonist.

Topher Reigh - Cruce's cousin. Protagonist.

Vince Maire - Main character of Wave: Endemic. Protagonist.

The Circle - Cruce's and Topher's group of friends. (Pat, Nic, Bongo, Emelina, Al.) Protagonists.

Vince's Friends - Includes his brother Drew. (Zatch, Zack, Zelda, Danithan.) Protagonists.

Rush - Savior. Luxalan. Protagonist.

Lavender - Savior. Winged Luxalan. Protagonist.

Amen - Savior. Elf Luxalan. Protagonist.

Safiri Taira - Safan Eclipse. Oath Fox. Protagonist.

Nuvlora Taira - Oath Fox. Safiri's twin sister. Protagonist.

Rilia Ami - Oath Squirrel. Safiri's and Slianna's close friend. Protagonist.

Slianna Feisa - Oath Boa. Safiri's and Rilia's close friend. Protagonist.

Vixx Zin - Oath Otter. Tribal explorer. Protagonist.

Drilion "Frostbite" - Ice Fox. Shade of Safa. Antagonist. (Originally Danny.)

Evanescence - Dark Pegasus. Shade of Safa. Antagonist.

Kutzu Aria - Sorenian Eclipse. Fairy (Fennec Fox). Protagonist.

Princess Fable Haya - Princess of the Fairies (Chinchilla). Protagonist. (Originally Susie.)

Ressa Windwarden Fairy (Jaguar). Kutzu's Order partner. Protagonist.

Toxik Xerenarch - Fairy (Butterfly). Kutzu's and Elicia's friend. Protagonist.

Elicia Lunhalo - Fairy (Glacial Fox). Kutzu's and Toxik's friend. Protagonist.

Lea Fallsong - Dark Fairy (Wolf). Shade of Soren. Antagonist.

Riot - Dark Cyborg. Shade of Soren. Antagonist.

Glitra Synder - Fusion Eclipse. Light akash. (Lizard). Fellow apprentice. Protagonist.

Terrah Striker - Earth akash. (Skunk). Protagonist.

Braig Synder - Energy akash. (Lizard). Glitra's brother. Protagonist.

Surge Blyte - Lightning akash. (Rabbit). Fellow apprentice to Terra. Protagonist. (Originally Surge the Rabbit.)

Oceanus Striker - Water akash. (Skunk.) Terrah's brother and fellow apprentice. Protagonist.

Occulu Tabula Rasa - Dark Vex akash. (Snake). Shade of Fusion. Antagonist.

Avaela Valence - Dark Energy akash. (Feline). Shade of Fusion. Antagonist.

Sorocon - Dark Luxalan. Shade of Lux. Antagonist.

Naught - Dark Overlord. Main antagonist.

Aether - Legendary embodiment of Light.