The Introduction

Although our guild is mainly run off of the Honor System we felt like there should still be a seperation in terms of skill and abilities. For this we sat down to figure out what could we use without the use of real stats and math. Lets face it everyone hates complicated guilds that use math unless it's so basic a caveman can do it. Without further adue let me explain the Power Level System. Now if you recall Dragon Ball Z and the use of power levels there well it basically works the same way in Fate Stay Night series. To be more exact it is more on the line of Naruto's system classification of ninja techniques in using the E - A rank. A character's power level determines how fast, strong, durable, and even how high they can jump. Now some of these factors can be changed due to characters abilities or the type of energy they have. Now the question I am sure everyone is waiting to ask about; how do you gain more power. That's a simple question to answer; you don't. The characters you create today with the skills here will give you more than an equal chance in defeating an opponent and will force you to think more on your actions in the guild. But as you know that never says who's the strongest or what happens if you can defeat someone. Lets just say you will be given many chances through out the guild to increase you power through one of the following ways:

The first way is by fighting, being a fighting based anime you should know you may be forced into defending yourself or attack others in order to gain power. The second way is to obtain a special item through a large event that the guild sponsers. These events will have random prizes some prizes will be better than other and most of them will only allow one person to obtain the prize. The third way would be to gain an additional ability, and the only way to gain that is to take part in and win certain tournaments throughout the guild.

Sound easy enough right? Well it should. Basically all you have to do is fight and win or fight and stay alive. If your character is killed they wont be awarded the good try points. Everyone gets points for each fight they take on even if they don't win. We only ask for you to try your best and have fun. But we want to stress that you get more points for winning. Sparring that end in a tie doesn't count. We will be keeping track of everyone you fight, so we ask that no two characters fight each other more than three times in a row without fighting someone else.

Now in this thread you will be able to find out the power levels for each rank and find out where your character lands or is starting off at. These ranks are called Spirit Classes. Spirit Classes are split into plus and minus meaning higher or lower part of the class. If your power level is closer to the higher end you would be saw as a upper level member of that class while if your at the just barely point in the chart you will be in the lower class. Now if you find your power level in the middle you would just be a member of the class, neither upper nor lower.

When creating your character and you are going through the approval process your character will recieve stats with the following areas: Strength, Endurance, Magical Energy, Magical Ability, Agility, Noble Phantasm (Servant Characters only), and Mana Regeneration. What does all of this mean? Below explains each stat in detail so you don't have to guess or assume what we mean by your Magical Ability and how it reflects your character's Prana.

The Stat Terms

Strength, also known as a character's physical fitness is the stat that determines all the basic skills needed for anyone to fight in a physical combat of some sort. This will also reflect skills with a weapon. As we know most characters use a weapon rather it be a sword or a bow. Your character's physical fitness or their Strength will determine how skilled you are weilding that weapon against your opponent.

Endurance, is basically how long your character can keep going during battle. Meaning the number of times you can post during a battle without pausing to give your character a breather or relax. This number stats that you can fight for the allowed number of post in a row before waiting a single post of your character in some form of standby phase either hiding, or talking before this number is refiled. So we are only looking for one recovery post in order for you to go back into your hard core battle.

Agility, is the character's ability to dodge opponents attacks accordingly to the strength, size, and speed of the oppnent. This number does state how fast your character is, which also means it counts as their reaction towards other character attacks or defenses. That doesn't mean you have god like speed, unless you are a servant but servants are on a whole different level than humans which will be explained below.

Magical Energy, which flows through Magic Circuits through the human body which is what qualifies a person to be a magus. The amount of magical energy a person has in their body is predetermined from birth. The number here will tell you how many times you can use magic in a single battle without waiting a refraction period. The refaction period is different for each class of humans as well as servants so please see the page devoted to using magic for more information.

Magical Ability, is the actual skills of a magi or a servant that uses magic. This can be anywhere from knowledge on magic or even the quality of magic they have flowing through their magic circuits. Now in this guild you will hear magic be called prana which is the power source used to actualize the mysteries of magecraft or better known as magic. Your character's magical ability will tell us how they are as a magi or a servant that uses magic. Which is why we use a system to explain the actions between two characters and their skills. Now when clashing with another character's own magic or even forcing your way through this stat is very important this will explain who's technique is stronger and will have a higher chance of either injuring or killing their opponnet. So overal this stat means the offensive and defensive power of magic or against magic.

Noble Phantasm, "crystallized mysteries", armaments made using the imagination of humans as their core, and weapons or abilities owned by Heroic Spirits. They are the embodiment of the ultimate mysteries of a hero that symbolizes his existence through historical facts and anecdotes. They can be general weapons, such as sword, lances, or bows, support items, such as rings and crowns, or they can be abstract concepts, such as abilities and curses. Considered to be their trump cards, they are activated by channeling prana into them and releasing their true names, and this can only be done by their true owners. The higher a servant's skill is with their noble phantasm the stronger their phantasm is meaning the higher chance they have in winning the grail and defeating an opponent. This is a very important stat to think about when you are selecting skills as a servant character when creating your character.

Mana Regeneration, is the amount of mana your character is able to heal your servant. When your servant is low on Mana which is a form of Prana they can get it from two sources, either a living organism by eating their soul or they can get it from their Master. Only a master can transfer mana to their servant. But Magi can always transfer mana between each other as a boost in their skills. When a character transfers mana they are able to fully refill each stat as well as character injuries to some degree unless they are skilled in healing magic. Mana Regeneration effects are only allowed to be used three times in a single battle.

The Ranking (Power Levels)

Below as you can see are the different ranks. Ranks for Servants different from that of a normal human or a Magi. Example of this being an A rank Magi is the equivalent to a C ranking servant. That tells you that a Magi really shouldn't be facing a servant head on. That's not to say they can not fight a servant alone or defeat one with their skills. The chances of a high success rate are lower. Another thing to note is the differences of being with a certain rank. Each rank has three levels which you can see by the positive sign next to each letter. Each character's stats will have their own seperate ranking while their overal rank will be the adding up of each of these stats to create an overal number. Your over all number follows the same ranking as the individual stats. If you need an example or have a hard time understanding this please ask a Mod. This is a very important thing for everyone to understand in the guild and if you can't figure this step out alone you will have a hard time battling other characters. Now below is a chart of all ranks and how many points it takes to be within that rank. Don't worry when your character is being approved your ranks for everything will be placed in your character profile to show that the character has been approved.

As you will notice you will see some strange number such as an A rank at the lowest is 50 Points while a B+ Rank is 80 Points. This doesn't mean anything towards techniques, this means for a total overall in points your character only needs 50 Points to be valued at an A Rank.

A Ranked
---------------------> 200 Points ---------------------> A+++
---------------------> 150 Points ---------------------> A++
---------------------> 100 Points ---------------------> A+
-----------------------> 50 Points ---------------------> A

B Ranked
---------------------> 160 Points ---------------------> B+++
---------------------> 120 Points ---------------------> B++
----------------------> 80 Points ----------------------> B+
-----------------------> 40 Points --------------------> B

C Ranked
---------------------> 120 Points ---------------------> C+++
-----------------------> 90 Points ---------------------> C++
-----------------------> 60 Points ---------------------> C+
-----------------------> 30 Points ---------------------> C

D Ranked
-----------------------> 80 Points --------------------> D+++
-----------------------> 60 Points --------------------> D++
-----------------------> 40 Points --------------------> D+
-----------------------> 20 Points --------------------->D

E Ranked
----------------------> 40 Points ---------------------> E+++
----------------------> 30 Points ---------------------> E++
----------------------> 20 Points ---------------------> E+
-----------------------> 10 Points --------------------> E