I don't want to get anybody into any trouble this year, so I'm going to put all of my thank you's to my anons in here! Thank you to all of you! :3

Here is a gift
It comes from the heart
Please don't open it
Until Christmas starts~

~Miss Nis
Thank you! You were the first anon I received this event. I promise, I won't open it until Christmas morning! :3

In the center of a snow-covered clearing, you come across a Christmas tree. It is small, but beautifully decorated with gold and silver pinecones, strings of cranberries and popcorn, and poinsettias of every color.
The ground surrounding the tree is covered in cloth with a red and green plaid pattern, but the cloth can barely be seen under a mountain of presents, each wrapped carefully and tied with a bow.
As you approach the tree, you see a small wooden sign standing in front of the tree. There is a message carefully penned on the sign:
&Greetings, Ms. Jewel!
Go ahead and take a gift! Watch out for the hedgehog, though, she fell asleep while we were wrapping presents, so she might be in the pile somewhere.
Merry Christmas!
-The Woodland Creatures&
You approach the tree, and take one of the gifts...

Thank you for the gift! No worries, if I find the poor hedgehog I shall be certain to take good care of the poor dear.

Please accept this as a token of my gratitude. Your input and assistance to my research has been most helpful and has given me quite a lot to think about. Another member of my tribe gave this to me by mistake. Perhaps you could find some use for it, since I could not even understand its purpose...

~ Gale ~
Thank you for the gift! I am sure that I can find a use for your present. I hope you find the information you seek as well.

mirukuchu -
Thank you for the gift, and for the picture of the rather tasty looking cake, decorated like a present. It makes me want cake now. ^^

I noticed you~ Lady L

Thank you! That picture is so adorable! :3 I love it! <3

We see you.

yours truly, The Observer
O-oh dear... -looks around suspiciously- Must...find...source of watching me...

Dearest Jewel, a treasure to me.
You're beautiful, a pleasure to see.
Dressed so festive, a seasonal best.
Shining brighter than all the rest.
Your eyes of orange, they pierce my heart.
You're kind, and loving, and truly smart.
I may just be Silly, but here's what I'll do.
I'll wish a happy holiday to you.

~Silly Sender
Dearest Silly Sender, this may have been a randomly written poem to you, but it truly means a lot to me. Thank you so much for your message, it touched my heart considerably and I shan't forget it. You are very kind, thank you very much. :3

The trees of the forest are laden with a coat of frost, having long since lost their leaves in homage to autumn. The ground is covered with freshly fallen snow, and a fog has settled over the land. All around is gray and white, the fog so thick it is difficult to see far ahead.

Suddenly there is the crunching sound of footsteps, and emerging from the mists is a quaint little lamb dressed in layers of fluff and fur. Her boots carve U-shaped patterns in the snow - although she seems to be walking very softly. The lamb's hair is very curly and plush, it appears very warm and cuddly.

&Oh, hello.& She greets you gently. &My my, you look quite cold. One moment...& The lamb seeks through her satchel and pulls out a long, colorful scarf. &Here, this will keep you warm. I knit it myself! Please take care of it.& She smiles. &Be safe on your travels, and watch out for the wolf! She follows my path.& Suddenly her voice lowers very gently. &Do not tell her that you have seen me, if you please?

&Be safe, be warm! And have a happy Holiday season!& She claps her cloven hooves and offers a gentle nod before continuing on her way through the misty forests.
Aw, do not worry little lamb, I won't tell the wolf! Please don't worry about me, I don't think the wolf will bother me too much. Thank you so much for the scarf, I promise to take very good care of it. :3

The stars, the moon, they shine brightly above, and as you peer up to stare at the night sky, snow falls, catching in your lashes and melting on your lips. A sigh of white clouds and you turn to leave the snowy field, unsure as to why you had gone out in the first place. The wind blows suddenly then and you turn away, bringing a hand up to shield your skin from the winter bite. But the wind is not cold, nor is it harsh, as it blows gently through your hair, brushing warmly against your skin; and you swear you can feel fingers trailing along your cheek and a soft whisper before the wind is gone.

&Merry Christmas.&

~ The Sable Wind
Thank you very much for the message, Sable. Merry Christmas to you too! And thank you for the warmth! I get cold so very easily, it seems. ^^;;

'You're right sweetspark... I mean no harm... Merry Sparkmas'

- Sky Shadow
Well...that's good. You might want to let your stalkee know that though. ^^;; She's feeling a bit paranoid.