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Name : Halana-malie Tam Roulette (Lala) Dubhshlán Tam Roulette (Shai)
Race : Null & Nachzehrer Sin & Nachzehrer
Gender : Female Male
Likes : Ending fights, cooking, dancing Starting fights, technology, killing
Dislikes : Death, food going cold Order, peace
Power : Null & living Nachzehrer abilities Sin & living Nachzehrer abilities
Weakness : Her family His family & trying to control his powers at times
Bio : They where born and live in an Inn that is full of insane trigger happy people. Always something going wrong and trouble was the daily normal event. Their godmother is a Dijinni name Hazel who has a crush on their father who just so happens to be Sin him self, their mother is a Russian Roulette playing Nachzehrer and had nothing to do with raising them plus their older half sister is a Poison Princess with Sin powers as well. They are glued to each other most of the time and even thou they are twins they are completely different in personality and powers but yet they are very fond of each other and stick up for each other. Hum, not even Jerry Springer could come up with something this ******** up.