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Human - Vampire - Dark/Twisted Romance

Elizabeth Ann Coleman pulled the earphones from her ears while pressing the top button on her iPod. Once the screen went black she started wrapping the earphones around the iPod, then tucked it into her back pocket. At the same time, she came upon the ruins of old, large colonial house. It was a few miles walk from her little town in the south, but she had always loved walking through the woods and exploring the ruins of the colonial houses.

With a deep breath, she took the three steps up onto the half standing porch. This was the most stable house left, as far as she had found. No matter how many times she walked through it, she could never get enough. Her mind would always start to spin with tells of carriages, balls and a dashing prince charming.

With a smile to herself, she walked through the doorway of the house. This time, the board that usually creaked with the weight of her step, finally gave way. Once it collapsed, several boards went with it, leaving Elizabeth to fall through the floor with a loud shriek. A few seconds later she landed with a thud. A small groan escaped her lips as she rolled over onto her back, blinking a few times to clear her vision. She had landed on the hard cement of the basement below, which she had never ventured into before.

Another groan escaped her lips as she pushed herself up into a sitting position, looking around. The sunlight filtered through the hole she fell through, just enough so she could see the overview of the basement. As she took in a deep breath, she pushed herself up to her feet, pulling her phone from her front pocket and turning the flashlight on. Her eyes scanned for a way to get out, but instead fell on a huge cement door. As she walked closer and shined the flashlight higher, she noticed the large pentacle chipped into the stone. along with strange symbols. It took a few moments of studying, but she recognized the symbols to be used to bind things- to keep something in. The handle to the door was chained. It was an obvious sign to stay out, but Elizabeth couldn't help herself. After glancing around, she spotted a large rock. She walked over, picked it up and went back to the door. She lifted it high, bringing it down on the lock. A large clank echoed and she repeated the action a few more times, until the lock broke and clattered to floor.

Elizabeth gripped the handle and pushed against the door with all her strength. At first it seemed as if her effort to move the door would be futile, but then the door shifted just an inch, breaking the seal. She took a quick breath and shoved against the door with all her might once more. It started to slowly push open. Once there was a gap big enough for her to fit through, she slipped inside and lifted the light up to illuminate two halls that split in opposite directions from each other. Without thinking, she took the steps forward and turned right, following the short hall into a medium sized tomb area. There was another entrance on the other side, which she assumed was the other hall she had seen that would lead back out to the door she just came through.

Her strange, black like eyes landed on a large stone like coffin in the middle of the room. Biting on her lip for a moment, she moved forward towards the thing, wondering what was inside. Halfway to it, she stumbled over something. She tried to catch herself, but instead found she'd once again landed flatly on the ground. This time she felt a sharp pain against her wrist and winced. "Damn it," She groaned softly, lifting her arm up to see blood oozing down her arm. Something had cut her. It wasn't enough to permanently damaged her in any way, but it had cut deep enough for the blood to flow freely.

Just as Elizabeth pushed herself up, she heard the sound of stone scraping against each other. It was the same sound she had heard when she'd been pushing the door open. She gave a quick glance behind her, wondering if someone had followed her down. Then she realized it was coming from in front of her. As her heart started to race, she glanced back to the stone coffin to see the lid being pushed away, falling to the floor and breaking into pieces. "What the hell?" She breathed out, pushing herself up to her feet and stumbling backwards.

[[ The plot is that Elizabeth has woken an ancient vampire that was sealed away in the late 1800s/early 1900's for whatever reason. Since he's woken her, there's a special attachment he has to her and she becomes his little toy, so to speak. Please play the role right; no pansies. ]]