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My Quotes (Updated Regulary) 12/18/2011
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This is a post that I will update on occasion. They are various quotes on different subject. Some may be more along the line of documented conversations between me and other people. I will try to give some background information where it is possible and does not violate either the Gaia ToS or my own personal internet rules.

*Most recent additions will be in bold*

The music we listen to is the soundtrack of our life. Does your music represent the life your living?

I was watching a season one episode of White Collar on netflix. Neal was being sent undercover again. My girl looked at me and asked "Why do they send Neal in all the time?" and I responded:

A good guy can never act bad, but a bad guy can pretend to be good.

Sometimes the desire for revenge feels greater than the need for justice. However it is the desire for and unwavering faith in justice that separates those who are genuinely good from those who are not.

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These are a series of quotes I wrote for a Hero in a story I am currently writing.

For while we exist on the physical plane every good has to have a equal evil, however if those two should exist in the same body the results would be a warrior unlike any seen before. A destructive yet beautiful force.

What is the point of going rouge if you still play by the rules?

To many have been lost for this to be a stalemate, WE wont let there loss be in vain.

I don't want to be the hero, but I will do what is right.

These are a series of quotes and thoughts that I have used in my time on Gaia over the past few years since my return to Gaia.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should!

Gaian Confucius say users who screw around near arrows may find themselves in a strange new place.

People who really are awesome never need inform or remind others of it.

People are not pawns to be used in a gambit.

My goal is to have my name be the first one you mention to your shrink.

Mad like the Hatter

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