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White List
it dont take much to get on it
if you helped me out in the past or if your a good customer that love to tip big
if you really in need of art and dont have any gold the best
I can do for you is give you 50% off of anything in my shop
because I LOVE you whee heart
+ppl in HHH that I talk to that LOVE art you now who you are I'll be happy to draw any of you guys

Black List
if your a dumb ******** that pisses me off 3 time you'll go here
and I'm an easy going person
so it'll take a lot to get on this list 3nodding heart

User Image+AcidRainDance
@for wasting my lovely time
and yes I wast some of hers too, but I said at the begining
I didn't want to do the shop
@she keeps talking s**t about my grammar and spelling
I don't like to ******** typ or read over ever lil thing I write... sorry I suck at typing
but I dont care about that too
@what I do care about is that shes talking s**t about my associate layouts
and I love them I really do if he wanted I would of payed 200k for them if I had it
and for her to keep making lil remarks about them is unforgivable

User ImageX-Sexassin-X
@ forgot the reason but it most be a good one to be here O.o

User ImagePaper Biscuit
@ very rude

@reported me for nothing

@dont know how to read the word bump

@dont know the differences between post and signature