Things started out pretty simple. It's an old story. Child with amazing gifts is the sole survivor of their doomed planet. Child has a happy upbringing, unaware of their true origins. Eventually they move on to bigger and better things, using their gifts for the betterment of mankind. Maybe things get a little rocky in the middle, but eventually they become the hero they were meant to be.

But that's not my story. It's close, but I'm stuck on the rocky middle. That, and by my nature I'm kind of destined to eventually grow so powerful I lose control and start trying to destroy worlds. So, there's that.

Anti-hero isn't really a proper term for me, though. I have heroic intentions, I'm friendly, nice to small animals, etc. But, maybe it's because I'm made of disorder, I have a hard time reaching hero status.

Maybe I'm the one holding myself back? I've been a red Power Ranger, keyblade weilder, almost a Hylian knight, even temporarely the weilder of the X~blade and current Kamen Rider. But I don't feel that makes me a hero. My proudest moments came from using borrowed power or weapons. Even now I still depend on Links ocarina and Farores Wind.

I get that a hero can get help from his friends. The strength of others hearts is something I understand well. But I feel that even with so many peoples support and all my raw power that I'm a fraud or something. Like I'll always be close to being a hero, but I'll never really get there.

Hm, I sound kinda whiney. Whatever, it's my journal.

I got my zector injured, broke every bone in my body (especially my legs) while being tested by an evil AI, got betrayed by a good but stupid AI, got my Quick Materia stolen by a Kamen Rider thief, kicked out King Kais training, mistrusted by the Z Fighters and Machine Resistance, learned I'll be attempting to destroy an Earth within three generations and will probably be spending Christmas fighting someone in an altered time stream.

But...I also got my zector repaired, won a talent contest, spent Halloween with my boyfriend, led a team of Power Rangers as the Red Ranger, saved the multiverse from a demi-goddess, learned new spells, got a hyped up sniper rifle, two hook swords made of darkness and cybertronium, became allied with evil giant robots, gained a summon, won a Soul Robber, got a pet dragoncorn, and made lots and lots of friends and allies.

I'm not sure if it balances out, but it's easy to only see the bad side. The future is fluid. There's still hope for me to be a hero. Aeon chose me and Styles to fix time, so that must mean there's something trustworthy and heroic about me.