Race:Half wolf, half human
Age: Twenty years old
Height: Five Feet Three Inches
Weight: One hundred and fifteen pounds

Personality: Somewhat shy and timid, kind of distant and very thoughtful. Always going off in her own world to think of things. Sometimes hard to get a hold of once she had disappeared into her world. Less attentive when it comes down to it, but when its a matter of life or death, she is scary focused. Its like the only time she actually seems to be alive. Kind to most people, doesn't raise her voice, doesn't have prior judgments nor gains them. Spacey.

Appearance:Looks sleepy most of the time, a distant look upon her face. Short reddish brown hair, just cut under her jaw line. Close to a pixie cut though she has china bangs. Similar colored fur on her wolf like ears upon the tops of her head. Creamy white skin, speckled with little freckles on her nose and cheeks. Sky blue eyes that look almost watered down. They are large and Almond shaped, with long curling lashes. Button nose, and rosebud pale pink lips. A reddish brown tail which is very fluffy. Has a single scar upon her back that is a long line, thin and almost gone though the faint hint of the jagged line crosses her spine from one shoulder blade to the base of her hip. Slender toned body, though not much boob to speak of. Muscled legs. Arms the same though less noticeable. Slender fingers that always have a sharp nail to them.

Background: She was born into a regular family for the most part. Her father being a wolf, her mother a human. She is the youngest of three brothers. All of which got the energy for life that she did not. Riku left home at a relatively early age of 13, joining a martial arts dojo when she was young. She lived there for some years, learning how to shift from human to wolf form as well as learning hand to hand fighting. Growing up wasn't easy sometimes, though she was lucky enough not to have the teenage 'I hate everyone' Phase. She tended to space out more or just be distant and uncaring of the world. At 18 she left and began to wander, finding no real reason to stick around when she learned all she needed.

At 19 she met a man who was 23 at the time. He was a mage, and someone she fell for hard. Someone that actually brought life to her. 6 months after her 19th birthday he attempted to kill her when they shared a night together for the first time. Her eldest brother had hired him to kill her for unknown reasons. She killed him after being bewildered, confused and down right depressed. In this though, he set something upon her, a curse of some kind to cause her to have periodic blindness, happening every other month for a straight month. Unable to live with it for long, Riku returned to the dojo after the first month of being blind and began to learn how to deal with the curse.

At 20, she was able to handle her own, going back out into the world not only to find her brother and get answers, but to attempt to find a reason not to just disappear from the world, if such monsters such as the only man she had ever loved, were out there.