2nd Dimension: Zombies

So I have been doing research and stuff on the existence of zombies. Which reminds me, I haven't search about the rumor existence of zombies on Google or even any search engine and I won't 'cause this is my theory. So. This is how it goes.

Long time ago even before christ or whatever a very long long time ago. People lived like us with cars and everything and scientist everywhere were researching on an antidote or some kinda potion to us lazy teenagers and lazy people everywhere. At the same time they are also finding an age reducer potion so people can life longer. There were two planets which has Earthlings habitation there which is our mother Earth and the Moon which was an icey cold wasteland planet.

One day, the scientist thought they found the right alchemy recipe to make the potion of both LazyBGon and Age Reducer potions. They set up banners around town and every country for testings. Of course a reward is given. They all arrived at the base and got tested. They first called in the teenagers that were forced by their parents to attend and some needed the money.

Nothing changed but they thought its just slow effects so they just waited. The first few hours after dosage they started having bloody hallucinations and excessive vomitting. The scientists hid the victim teenagers and went with the Age Reducer potion.

This one, the effect came quick in a couple of minutes. They felt stronger and a lot more energetic. Though that some of them had bad side effects like Asthma and sudden deaf. A few hours after their heaven feeling like flying again, some bleed from their eyes and died.

The scientists had another meeting and they thought they might have mixed the potion up. So they switched the potion and made the attendees drink the reversed potions. They said they felt better, both parties. The scientists thought they finished their projects and rejoiced. So a few days after that they allowed them to head back to their respective homes.

Everything went well, students had their better grades and the elders felt better. Everything went perfectly fine. The next few months later, similar attendees received the similar side effects amongst each other which is having all those bloody hallucinations. Fever came by not long later.

People started dying and the apocalypses is just about to begin. The dead came back to life and ate the flesh of the humans infecting them and then having the same effects of hallucination and fever later dying then turning back to life but more aggressive. It happened around the world and is overwhelming the human population at that point. The scientists thought it was progress, rather than dying, they come back to life.

They thought wrong of course. Teenagers got the decease and turned into one of them and that's when it snapped the scientists minds that this is chaos. They shroud in sorrow and gave up saying the world is over. They hired a few mercenaries to get a few of the zombie test subjects outside but everyone knows that is trouble. Out of the 7 that left, only 3 of them made back safely and 2 live zombies. They worked on antidotes and everything but nothing worked. Most of the scientists starved to death, some hanged themselves.

Weeks later and low of food and water. The scientists told the last 3 mercenaries which are living under the same roof as them, said he was sorry he could do anything else but he built an alternate dimension portal so they could tell the next world about the mayhem they had caused and avoid it.

The mercenaries agreed on that but they have to head to the streets to only use the portal transportation because when they use it, they will be at the same place but at another dimension. Before they left, the scientist took a gun and shot himself. Mercenaries left and tried to left a spot to teleport. 2 of the mercenaries were killed and infected. Last of them is left and had to kill his infected friends. On his way he spotted 3 human survivors and convinced them about the plan and they followed him. Done and that, they used the portal and left the zombie habitated place. They found the century where everything is like wild west. The 4 of the survivors announced the warning but the mayor didn't like it so he got mad and hanged them all in front of the crowd. Most of the villagers forgot about it as the mayor told not to listen to the survivors but some refused and wrote a book about it or something. They wrote it down and that's all I know about source of evidence. And that's how we find the rumor existence of zombies up till this day

The portal may open any time and zombies will release or some smartass scientist will make the stupid potion and kill us all. Just to say: