Name - Riogou Yamamotto
Title - Grand Chaos Mage of the Celestial Realm
Age - 57 years old
Race - Human
Sex - Male
Appearance - Riogou Yamamotto is 6 feet tall. He has stunning green eyes, and wears black spectacles with neon blue lenses. His hair is mainly black in color, peppered with a little gray and slicked back upon his head and tied in a ponytail. Riogou is usually seen wearing a white collared shirt with a black tie, a gray vest over that, slate gray suit trousers, and polished dress shoes. Over that, he sometimes wears his slate gray suit jacket. He wears black gloves upon each hand that are adorned with strange symbols, with strange arrays upon the palms of the gloves. Riogou has a muscular frame for being in his 50's, and has very few wrinkles on his face for a man of his age. He is usually seen wearing a black messenger bag that is marked with a skull like symbol upon the main flap.
Weapons - Riogou carries no weapons with him.
Bio - Riogou is one of the most prestigious teachers at The Academy for the Magic Arts. It was a school for mages and the like. His son had attended the school at the age of 7 as all mages to be did, and was expelled for showing no magical talent whatsoever. Riogou was disappointed in him, having no other choice but to throw him out of his home for dishonoring the long line of great and powerful mages that made up their bloodline. Riogou still teaches at the Academy, and though he has heard many great tales of his banished son's heroics and abilities, he still does not acknowledge that he has a son to continue the Yamamotto bloodline.
Abilities/powers - Riogou is well versed in many forms of arcane magic and chaos magic. Though he is mortal, Riogou has been known to take large amounts of damage and still be able to function just fine, as if his skin was like tempered steel instead of flesh.
Other - Riogou is rather impatient with those that are younger than him, and usually refers to all that are younger than him as children. He is very stern and usually always serious. It has been rumored that in battle, he is ruthless and terrifying.